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Hey everyone,

So as you may or may not know, the University acquired the Doubletree Hotell in Lowell and it is now the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center (which from now until kingdom come will be refered to as the ICC in this blog...and everywhere else on campus). This was the first step in the University's plans to get students downtown.

As a senior, I have ventured downtown a few times before this year. Sometimes for dinner with some friends, but mainly to see my orthopedic doctor. (If you didn't read this blog last year, I fell down some stairs and got an avulsion fracture in my ankle... that was fun!) Needless to say, I wasn't too familiar with the downtown area. So this summer, with Orientation and then with Residence Life, I went on two tours of Downtown Lowell. I learned a lot about the artwork, local museums, theaters and mainly the shops downtown.

One place I've made it a point to go this semester so far is the Merrimack Repertory Theater (I'm going to follow a trend here and refer to it as the MRT). It is a theater downtown on Warren St. UML students get a discount on all shows and the opening night of all the shows are "Pay What You Will" night. Basically you can pay anything to get in and see the VERY FIRST performance AND be included in a discussion with the director afterwards.

So, my friend Cynthia and I went to the MRT to see a play called Flings & Eros by The Flying Karamazov Brothers. It was SO MUCH fun! The performers sang, danced and juggled almost the entire time. We decided during intermission at the show that we're going to go to the first night of the next show, The Seafarer. If you're interested in theater or just someone that is looking for things to do on the weekend, check out the MRT website: http://www.merrimackrep.org/home/.

Last weekend, my cousin, Lex, also came up to visit the university. She's a senior in high school and is trying to narrow down which colleges she wants to attend. Friday night, I took her downtown to grab dinner at Mambo Grill (my personal favorite). We talked about everything downtown had to offer over dinner. She said it best "It's like a smaller Boston."

I think it's important that we recognize that at UML, we have a whole city at our fingertips. If you're thinking about coming to UML, after your tour of the campus, take a ride downtown, grab lunch, walk around, check out all the little shops and see what there is to offer.


Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

Hey everyone,

So the other day, I went to relax and watch TV and I realized that I have less than 4 months to apply to 5 graduate schools. So of course, I started to panic and get EXTREMELY nervous. So I began the process.
For new readers, I'm looking at Grad School programs for Higher Ed Administration / College Student Development / Higher Ed and Student Affairs. Basically, I want to work in a college or university starting off in either Residence Life or Orientation and eventually I would love to be a Dean of Students somewhere. I love the college atmosphere and if this is what I can do for the rest of my life, why not?!

I went to each school's website and found their Graduate School applications and learned about each process. Most of the processes are online. Everything can be submitted on their websites including Professor recommendations. This makes life IMMENSELY easier for everyone. I can work on bits and pieces of the application here and there as I have a few spare minutes. This is a relief.

I also began asking Professors and Supervisors for recommendations. So far, everyone I asked has said yes with no hesitation. That makes me very happy and eager. I know that my Professors AND Supervisors know that I'm an extremely hard-worker and that I'm very motivated.

I've also started putting Open House dates in my calendar. I was supposed to go to North Carolina to check out schools in August but I got promoted and I started training ASAP, so my mother and I rescheduled. We're going to go the first week in January to check out schools down south. (If you're a frequent reader, you're aware that my mother wasn't always fond of the idea of me looking at Grad Schools SEVERAL states away.) I've done virtual tours of the schools and spoke to students at some of them, and so far so good!

So like I may have said this before, I'm the first person in my family to go to college, so Grad School is foreign territory here... so If any readers have ANY tips or tricks, please comment with them! Every little bit will help.

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

Hellooooooo everyone!

I hope that everyone had a FANTASTIC summer. I know I did. I was an Orientation Leader and we welcomed in over 1500 freshmen, almost 1000 transfers and friends and families. It was an amazing summer.

Then in August, I started Student Resident Director training. Yes, last time you read, I was an Assistant Resident Director and now I'm a Assistant Complex Director (Student RD) on campus. It all kind of came about rather quickly.

Don't fret though, I did have a vacation this summer. Myself and 11 friends (also, all Orientation Leaders) went on a 7-Day cruise to Bermuda. Before we left, Dean of Students Larry Siegel gave us all UML Riverhawk shirts to sport on the cruise. See below.


o2k9 on a boat.jpg

Ahh and then fast forward to school beginning. We had a fantastic opening week. Tons of events around campus. We had casino night, outdoor movies, a downtown scavenger hunt, a hypnotist, convocation, a club fair, a hot dog bbq, free admission to a Lowell Spinners game, Family Feud, concerts, Zach Galifianakis (a comedian - star of The Hangover), Duck Tours & Fenway Tours in Boston, Canobie Lake Park trips and probably a LOT more that I forget to mention.

I went to almost all of the Opening Week Events. My favorites were Zach Galifianakis and the Boston tours. Zach Galifianakis was INCREDIBLE. He was SO funny. I also got to sit front row center with some of my good friends. At some points during the show we could've reached out and touched him (we didn't, don't worry, security did not have to get involved!). The Boston tours were awesome too. I had never been on a Duck Tour or Tour of Fenway before, which is weird considering I live a minute and a half from Boston. I even got to drive the duck tour. See below. It was awesome. I was so excited.



ducktour.jpgOh... and classes started. But that's not too exciting. JUST KIDDING! That's why we're at college, right?


Well, since it's Friday and you're probably EXHAUSTED from the long week, I will end this entry now. Enjoy your weekend!


Thanks for reading,

Sam :)


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