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Hey everyone,

Let me just preface this blog by stating that I am extremely tired, extremely sunburnt and extremely ready for finals & the summer.

This weekend was Spring Carnival! Basically it's a long weekend full of activities including comedians, battle of the bands, club booths, sky diving, dancing etc..

Well first, we had Friday off of school. It was University Day. That means that all the festivities began Thursday night. There was a BBQ and two comedians/magicians. Unfortunately, this year I couldn't go to either of the comedians because I was on Spring Carnival Duty. Spring Carnival Duty is when half of the staff (approx. 6 RA's) are on duty and we sign-in people starting at 5pm. do rounds every half hour and put on activities in the common room.

Our Thursday Night activity was Open Mic / Kareoke Night. It was soooo fun! Everyone came down and was singing and dancing. It went from 7pm-11:30pm. (Note: I didn't sing.. because I don't sing.. ever.)

Then FRIDAY was the actual Carnival. I had two booths (One for Active Minds and one for ResLife). Our Active Minds booth was a sand pit and we gave away bubbles, frisbees and pinwheels. Our ResLife booth (which was a hit, if I say so) was Dunk an RA! We rented a dunk tank and 10 freshmen RA's went in to get dunked by their friends, family and residents. (Note: I did not get dunked, thanks to my still fractured ankle) This is where I got my exciting (and painful) sunburn.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. The weather was GORGEOUS. Everyone was outside with laptops and books and notebooks getting work done in the sun. My friend Olivia and I drove around in my convertible for 5 hours running errands, getting food from home and visiting friends. (I wore sunblock... no worries).

Now we're back to the school week. Nothing makes a week drag by like a really short week right before it. Only 14 days of classes until finals!

Thanks for reading,

Sam :)

Hey everyone,

I hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather we're having. The campus is so alive lately, I love it. There is nothing like driving through the campuses and seeing people hanging out outside and doing homework on the lawns of all the different buildings.

Random update on my ankle: It's fractured. I found out on Friday. I'm in an walking cast until I'm not quite sure when. The best thing about the boot is that I don't need crutches anymore. It's much easier to get around campus on the boot rather than the crutches. It was hard trying to catch open doors. Elevators are key though, and I'm fortunate to have them in most of the buildings I have classes in.

So last week Residence Life gave out decision letters for the 2009-2010 (it's so weird to type that!!!) school year. Guess what?! I am ASSISTANT RESIDENT DIRECTOR in Fox Hall - Lower. The way Fox Hall is going to work is we're operating as two different staffs. I think it's going to be nice to have a smaller staff. It'll be easier to focus on specific residents and their needs as a smaller building too.

The coolest thing about Fox Hall - Lower are the Living Learning Communities (Or LLC's), They are for first year students and they'll help introduce them to people with similar interests and needs. They are also on the 4th, 5th and 6th floor.. so if you're like me and you don't like heights, they're low enough in the building for you.

If you're a first year student interested in living in Fox Hall, below are the LLC's available to you. (Taken from UML's Residence Life website.)

Inspired Community - Do you play an instrument?  Have you been involved in a theatrical production?  Do you aspire to be a star or just enjoy performance as a hobby?  If any of these questions sounds like you, the Inspired Community may be what you’re looking for.  The Inspired Community is dedicated to the exploration and expression of the creative arts.  Students living in the Music & Performance community will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other individuals who share a passion for the creative arts.

REEL Community – Residents for Earth and Environmental Living - Do human actions have an effect on the Earth?  What is the current state of our environment?  What can people do to live more “green lives?”  Have you ever discussed these issues with family and friends?  Would you like to discuss these issues with your fellow UMass Lowell students?  IF so, you have found the right place.  The REEL Community is dedicated to environmental awareness and consciousness.  Students living in this community will belong to a cohort with a shared view of sustainability and responsible environmental practices.

Unity Floor - Welcome!  Wilkommen!  Bienvenue!  Akuaba!  Bienvenidos!  The Unity Floor community is dedicated to inclusivity and the global community.  Students living in this community will push the boundaries of their comfort zones and explore different cultures and the way we interact with each other.

I-Floor – Innovations Floor - Hey you!  Put down that video game controller!  Ever wonder where that game came from?  Do you have heart-to-heart conversations over IM?  Would you be devastated if you lost your cell phone?  Do you stay on top of upcoming technology?  If yes, then log on to the I-Floor.  This community is dedicated to the use and application of new and emerging technology.  Students living in this community will explore how technology shapes their everyday lives as well as how they can contribute to the continuing advancement of technology.

Compass – Finding the Right Direction for a Healthy Life - Does hiking sound like a great way to spend an afternoon to you?  Do you wake up early to go to yoga?  Growing up, did you always eat your vegetables?  Is it important to you to have a balanced life?  If so, the Compass Community is for you.  This community is dedicated to the awareness and development of a healthy mind, sprit, and body.  Students living in this community will engage in wellness, fitness, and outdoor exploration activities that meet their personal fitness and wellness goals.

Business Living-Learning Community*:
Thinking of owning your own company someday?  Do you like people and organizations?  Do you want to be a business major?  This community is dedicated to the study, advancement, and success of future business leaders.  Students living in this community share a common academic class where they will discuss current business practices and trends.

* Assignments to the Business Living-Learning Community may be based on additional criteria


Well thanks for reading!!

Sam :)

Hey everyone,

So last week I found out so pretty cool news. I got accepted both into Psi Chi and Who's Who.

Psi Chi is the Psychology Dept. Honors Program. In order to get accepted into Psi Chi one needs a certain overall GPA and a certain psychology GPA. I met both requirements and I am officially a member for life.

When it came to Who's Who, I didn't really understand what it was. I just knew a bunch of people kept saying "You better apply" and were sending me applications left and right. So I did my research and the Who's Who website said...

 "Through our years of serving higher education, Who's Who Among Students exists as one of the most highly regarded and long-standing honors programs in the nation, having earned the over-whelming respect of college faculties and administrations. For the students - the outstanding campus leaders of the year - national recognition by the Who's Who program marks a pinnacle of scholastic achievement."

It basically means I'm really involved and I'm a leader. (And I'm awesome... just kidding!) I'll take that. Well I applied, and BAM! I got it.

So tomorrow, I have the Who's Who award brunch to attend. I'm really excited. My parents and brother are coming up to attend as well.

Then later this month I have the Psi Chi Induction Ceremony. Basically, I don't know what to expect, but I'm proud of myself, that's for sure.

So yeah, in one week, I got two new lines for my resume. I'm proud of myself and they are great achievements, but I always think ahead and know that my future employers and Grad School Admissions folk are going to go "Hey.. Wow... That's a lot! Go Her!"

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

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