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Hey everyone,

Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone got everything they wanted. I know I did...I got a GPS woo! Now I won't get lost going places (well, I probably won't get lost). Best invention EVER. I got a new digital camera too (my old one broke last spring). I also got a few books and movies that I wanted. I got some Barnes & Nobles gift cards too, which are great because now I can buy books for my vacation.

SO GRADES ARE IN! YAY! I got an A in Children's Literature, Personal & Reflective Writing, Directed Study and Quantitative Reasoning. I got a B+ in Intermediate Spanish I and I got a B in Research II... Or at least that's what ISIS said. I knew something was up because I thought I did better in the course. I was doing well all semester and I didn't think that the final was too difficult. I shrugged it off at first and blamed it on the final. But Tuesday I got an e-mail from the professor saying that some grades were errors and if we think ours was one of them to contact her. So I did, and one of my lab grades was never inputed. So after running around and looking for anyone in the Psych Dept. my lab got faxed to her and my grade will be changed as soon as the university opens again! I actually got a B+ in the class. I KNOWWWW it doesn't make that much of a difference in GPA but I was aiming to bring my cumulative GPA above a 3.5 and I DID!

So if you think any of your grades are way off, e-mail your professor and ASK! It can't hurt to see how they came to the grade you were given. Teachers usually have no problem telling you how your grade broke down.

Also, if you want to figure out how your GPA is figured out, you can use the online calculator I use - http://www.back2college.com/gpa.htm or check out uml.edu/CLASS to see how you can figure it out yourself. It is also posted on the bottom of your ISIS along with your cumulative GPA.

I'm also happy to announce that there are NO FINALS in January because there were no more snow days. PHEW! That was a close one.

Well, my mother isn't happy with me because I'm not quiteeeee packed yet for my trip. I leave Tuesday at 6AM!!! My goal is to find a coffee shop or a restaurant with WiFi so I can post pictures halfway through my trip. 

As always, Thanks for reading!

Sam :)

Hey everyone,

I hope you're all dry and warm right now with all the fabulous weather we've been having! 

So this week is finals week. YAY... not! Finals are bittersweet. You get some time off to study and pack and breathe, but you also have to STUDY and take wicked long exams. Finals were scheduled from Tuesday-Saturday then on Monday (the 22nd). I only had a final due the 16th, an exam the 17th and an exam on the 19th. Not bad at all, right? WRONG!

The weather has royally messed up finals week. First being the ICE day on the last day of classes. That day is dedicated to reviewing for the final, and I missed the review for both of my two exams. LAME! THEN the major snow storm had finals cancelled before the storm even got here. The university took precautions and cancelled the 11:30 and 3pm finals so no one was driving in the worst of the storm or stuck in traffic for a million hours. I'm grateful that they did that for student's safety BUT they postponed those exams until Tuesday the 23rd. Normally, I'd be okay with that and I'd just head home straight from my final, but the ResHalls are open until the 23rd at night now, so I have to stay and close the building. AND who knows what is going to happen with the snow storm that we're expecting for Monday. OHH boy.

At least I'm not like some of my friends who had vacations and flights home booked and they're now in a mad rush to change them. Luckily, I live pretty close and I don't leave for my vacation in FLORIDA until December 30th.

That's right, FLORIDA! I'm going to be there from the 30th - January 9th. I'm going with my family and one of my best friends. I'm wicked excited. We're going to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Sea World. We're also planning on going to Old Town. But I'll write from Florida and give you the scoop on what I'm doing and i'll make sure to post pictures (and maybe videos?!)

But before we get all excited exchanging vacation plans... I just wanted to let UML students know that grades are starting to be posted, so check your ISIS! So far I have 3 A's (Children's Lit, Directed Study and Quantitative Reasoning) and 1 B (Research II). I'm pretty happy with my grades so far. I'm waiting for my Personal and Reflective Writing grade and I don't even take my Spanish final until Tuesday so that grade won't be up for a while.

Well I'm going to study some more for my spanish final because the ResHall is pretty dead right now.

Thanks for reading,

Sam :)


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Hey everyone,

I hope everything is going well and that the fact that you're reading this means your power is back on! (For anyone that lives outside MA or NH, we had a huge storm/ice storm and a LOT of people lost power and heat all weekend. UML (and almost every other school in the area) closed on Friday because of power outages and the road conditions. That's one of the best things about going to school in New England. We get flood days, snow days, cold days... etc. Fortunately, my city avoided the storm completely and my brother still got to have his birthday party today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUB!

So FINALS... yeah... they're pretty awful and they're HERE! 

Tonight is the start of 24 hour quiet hours. That means that from now until move out, people need to follow quiet hour rules. This means no yelling, no loud music with the door open and just having respect in general. It's a great tool because students study best at all different times of the day and sleep all different hours of the night, depending on what's due and when.

Tomorrow is reading day, which means the whole day is dedicated to studying and reading. This year it worked differently because we had a weekend between the last day of classes and reading day. 

Finals start on Tuesday the 16th and go until Saturday and then there are some finals on Monday the 22nd. There are three finals slots, they are 8am, 11:30am and 3pm. If you have more than two finals in a day or two finals in the same slot, you can request that one is moved. A final for your major trumps all other finals.

* If you're a UML student: this is a friendly reminder that you have 24 hours after your last final or until Monday the 22nd at 6pm (whichever comes first) to move out for the break. *

So here are some friendly finals tips:

STUDY! Don't wing it, finals are usually a big chunk of your final grade.

SLEEP! Don't pull an all nighter. Falling asleep during your big A&P final won't help anything.

DON'T CRAM! It is scientifically proven that there is a chemical in your brain that counteracts cramming. You won't learn what you're trying to learn.

EAT BREAKFAST! I don't care if you aren't the type that just "doesn't eat breakfast." Theses exams can be long and you don't need hunger distracting you.

That's all folks. Now I have to go study.

Thanks for reading,

Sam :)

Hey everyone,

How was your Thanksgivings? Mine was great. I got a lot of work done. I got almost a whole 8-10 page paper done, read a whole book for Children's Literature and glanced at my family a few times over my laptop... just kidding (kind of)! I also got to see one of my best friends from home over the break. It was great to get out and see someone I haven't seen in a long time. We went to the movies and then chatted and caught up over some coffee. (I feel so OLD) Thanksgiving break is a great time to catch up with friends and get a sneak peak of winter break.


I officially have a winter break countdown! There are 5 days left of classes. 17 days until move out! ANDDD... 25 days until FLORIDA! I'm going for 10 days. THEN I get to come home and relax for two weeks.That's the great thing about winter break in college... IT'S A MONTH LONG! Woohoo!


So I'm really disappointed tonight because I'm on duty and there are two major things going on on campus. There is a hockey game tonight vs. UNH anddd they are giving away Dippin' Dots! That's one of my favorite things about hockey games. I have 3 favorite things about hockey games. 1 - Free Admission...  2- Free Stuff... 3 - It just so happens to be one of my favorite sports. I'm ALSO missing Rock for Tots. It is a concert put on by WUML (our campus radio station) and it is the last show at the VPAC. All the money raised from the event goes towards One Lowell Charity.

I'm also NOT disappointed that I'm on this Friday, because it means i'm off NEXT Friday, for Winter Ball. It is UML's version of a semi-formal. This years theme is 1920's. It's going to be so much fun.

Well, now that I've blogged your ear off, I'm gonna go get some homework done.

Have a great weekend & Thanks for reading,


Sam :)

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