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Hey everyone!

I'm still sick! It's awful. I'm making an appointment at Health Services Monday! (I promise, Mom!) I hope your weekend was great though.

This weekend has been a blast! I couldn't go to the events on Thursday because I was on duty in my building, but everyone that came back said it was great! One of my residents even got to meet Pablo Francisco! How cool is that? I'm so jealous of her! The midnight breakfast was great too I heard. I had a good time too though, we all hung out in the lobby and played Scrabble.

Friday was tons of fun! I got to go to the carnival on South. I made an airbrush trucker hat, ate great food, hung out with some friends.. It was awesome. 

Then I came back, relaxed and got ready for Spring Fling. Spring Fling was a lot of fun! (round of applause for RHA.) They played great music and we danced all night. It was like a kickback to high school. Even people we didn't know were dancing with us. Thats the greatest part about college, there aren't really cliques. Everyone just gets along and makes friends.

Well I'm on duty again tonight, and it's about time to do a round. Gotta keep the building safe!

Have a great night and week!

Sam :)

Hey everyone,

How are you? Did you enjoy your long weekend? I sure did. I got to visit my best friend from high school this weekend. It is great to catch up with old friends after a semester or two at college. You have SO much to talk about. We caught up, exchanged stories, and watched lots of movies. It was great to just kick back with old friends.


Now the week is here and I have a horrible head cold! Just in time for Spring Carnival... Yuck. I don't like being sick at all. If I still feel crummy tomorrow I'm going to make an appointment with health services on campus. (They are the fixers of all who are sick on campus!)

I just want to get better by Friday night. I'm so excited. RHA (Residence Hall Association) is putting on Spring Fling. It is a semi-formal dance for free on campus. I haven't went to a dance since high school. I'm very excited. Did I say I'm excited? I bought a dress this weekend, and shoes and it's going to be great. I love dancing. It is going to be the perfect end to a 3 day week.

Well I know this is a very short entry, but I want.. no I need to nurse myself back to health. I bought cough drops and orange juice at the school store in Fox Hall. It was great, I didn't have to spend money, I just used my points. Gotta love UML!

Have a great week everyone!

Sam :)
Hey everyone!

Jam Session was amazing last week. Our Smeames did such a great job! It was a lot of fun. There were some great bands and then everyone who just jammed was incredible. I think this should become a tradition thing.
So next week is Spring Carnival! Spring Carnival is the best two days ever at UML. This years theme is a Jungle Theme. CAPA (Campus Activities Programming Asociation) runs Spring Carnival (along with most other major events on campus), which means its run by students, which means you could pick what we do next year. Just join CAPA in the fall. They are a great club with the student's best interest at heart.

So, Thursday is going to be a lot of fun. There will be tons to do on east campus. There is a BBQ, there are shows by the cheerleaders, dance team, Pablo Francisco (a comedian) is performing in the rec center ($8 for students, $20 for non-students) and then CAPA is playing Superbad on a blow-up screen outside on the lawn. THEN after that, there is a midnight breakfast for students.

Friday, all the clubs set up booths and have games and activities for students to do. Some things to do are Amazon Races, Airbrush Tattoos, Bungee Races, a Rock Wall and Airbrush Trucker Hats. There is also going to be a battle of the bands competition from 1-5. Nothing is better than free music and free activities (in MY opinion... okay and every other college kid's opinion too).

It is going to be so much fun. I realllllly can't wait. Last year when I cheerleaded, we performed at the BBQ on Thursday and we had a dunk tank booth. This year Smeames is going to have a booth and it's going to be a lot of fun.

So today, I had a very interesting adventure. A few friends and I went to the Roger Williams Zoo in RI. We spent all day in the sun, and i'm EXHAUSTED and ready for bed.

Have a great long weekend and enjoy the nice weather!!!!

Sam :)
Hey everyone!

Hows your week so far? Mine is great. I'm on top of my workload, and I'm not stressed out. It's great! This is what college is all about.

So when you're a student at UML you'll have a lot of opportunities to become a leader. One great group is Hall Council. Each building has a Hall Council that meets once a week. They discuss ways to make the university better and plan programs for the university. Each building has a representative that goes to RHA. RHA is the Residence Hall Association. They plan campus-wide programs and aim to make the Residence Halls a better place for students.

Our Smith & Eames (or Smeames as we call it) Hall Council has raised money for radios in the bathrooms. They are pretty awesome because everyone makes mixed CD's and leaves them in the bathroom and you get to listen to something different everyday. I've learned a lot more about the people in my hallway that way. For example, I learned that a lot of my residents like country music too. We also all love the One Tree Hill soundtracks.

Our Smeames Hall Council also planned a Campus Wide Jam Session for this week. We're giving people and bands the chance to play and sing in front of their peers, and just have a relaxing night. It is going to be amazing. I can't wait for it.

RHA is also planning a campus-wide event. It is Pedestal Jousting on East Campus. That is going to give the students a chance to get out some competitiveness and enjoy the nice weather we've been having.

Well the weather is fantastic, and students are sitting outside soaking up the warm weather, and I have to say I'm going to join them!!

Enjoy the weather,

Sam :)
Hello everyone!

I have a variety of things to write about tonight, so bear with me.

First, I want to talk about a new AMAZING thing that the University offers that I just found out about. It is the Interlibrary Loan & Virtual Catalog. Basically, you can get any book you want through this system. You just pick what book you want, and the library that has the book sends it to UML for you. Then you check out the book and get to keep it for a month. This is excellent because I am a very fast reader and I'll spend $14 on a book and then read it in a night. Now I get the book for free, and have a month to read it as many times as I want. Right now I'm reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The book is excellent and I can't wait to finish this entry and keep reading. I'm trying not to read too fast thought because I'm waiting for the second and third book to arrive at school. I'm so excited. It is definitely my new favorite part about UML.

Next, last night was girls' night. It was so much fun! A bunch of us RA's and OL's (Resident Advisors and Orientation Leaders) got together and made smoothies, ate snacks and watched Mean Girls. It was great to get to hang out in a non-stress environment and just be girls, not RA's or OL's. Joining groups and clubs at the University (there are sooooo many to choose from) are a great way to meet people with the same interests and I'm really glad that I got to know these people. We had so much fun just chatting (and chatting and chatting) away. Having so many friends in such a close distance is great, especially on rainy nights or if you just need someone to talk to.

Next, today was Orientation Spring Training. All of you incoming students are very lucky to have such a great Orientation Staff. Everyone is so excited and the entire staff genuinely cares about making your experience at UML one of the greatest. Go into Orientation with an open mind, and you will get more than you can imagine out of it. I made my first and some of my greatest friends at Freshman Orientation.

Finally, I'm very tired, and enjoying my weekend to the best of my ability. So I'm going to curl up with my book and hope this thunder stops soon.

Have a great weekend/week!

Sam :)
Hey Everyone!

So here I was today, reading the UML Announcements (It is a Daily E-mail that students and faculty receive to keep one updated on the University) and I'm reading and scrolling and reading and what do I happen to glance over? The one, the only, the F-word! No, no, no... not the F-word you're used to. The F-word that is the worst word college students ever hear... FINALS! *creepy background music* 

Yup, thats right, the finals schedules are out and printed on the registrars website. The way finals work are that each class is assigned a 3 hour block for testing. You can have your 8am final, 11:30 final or your 3pm final. And there are usually 6 days of testing. Every class will have a time for the final, even if the final is just a paper. This is the first semester that I've looked up my schedule and haven't wanted to cringe. *thank you Almighty Registrar* My finals schedule is Monday at 3pm, Wednesday at 11:30am and Thursday at 3pm. Thats right NO 8AM FINALS FOR ME! *dance* .. *more dancing* In my four semesters here I have had several 8am finals each semester. I'm very lucky.

Well now that I've scared the daylights out of you about finals (If you haven't noticed I tend to exaggerate bit, finals aren't that bad... As long as one studies and doesn't sleep through the final, you can do okay) I'm going to tell you my tentative summer plans.

This summer I plan on staying at school, and working around here (Spinners maybe? The school library? I don't know yet.. these are TENTATIVE plans folks!) But one thing I do know is that I'm taking a Summer course. I'm actually excited about this. Summer courses run during all different Summer sessions and I plan on taking one from July 7th-August 17th. No I'm not crazy. Summer classes are a great way to catch up or get ahead of the game. (One can also take intersession courses which take place over winter break.)

Most Summer courses either run at 8am, 10:15am or 7pm. These courses also tend to be either 4 times a week or  2 times a week. If you only meet twice a week, the class sessions run longer.

So I've been looking at the summer course schedules and a few stick out to me. I might take a Sociology course, or a Spanish course. Sociology would knock out one of my General Education requirements. But so would Spanish, and It would put me ahead of the language classes. I don't really know what I'm taking yet. I just know that I'm going to take one. My mom even told me she'd help me pay for it. 

If you're interested in taking a Summer Course, check out this website, it has the class description, professor and the cost! Continuing Ed Or you can also check out Registars Website.

Well I'm watching the Red Sox game as I'm writing this, and we all know (or are learning) how obsessed Sam is with the Red Sox...

So thanks for reading,

Hello everyone!

Hope your week was okay! Mine was a little less crazy, so I can't complain. :)

So today I worked the Accepted Students Reception. I helped give tours of Leitch Hall. For those of you who don't know, Leitch Hall is one of our two freshman residence halls. Were any of you at the Accepted Students Reception either today or last Saturday? How was it? Did you enjoy it? Did all your questions get answered? Well if they didn't, feel free to comment and ask ANYTHING, if I don't know the answer, I will find out the answer for you.

So I'm going to give you an online tour of sorts of what I did last Saturday and this Saturday. I don't have pictures, so you're going to have to use your imagination.

First, we greeted the incoming students and their families at the bus stop on East Campus. We congratulated all of you fantastic incoming freshman and transfers, then we began our tour. As we walked up the path to Leitch Hall, we discussed East Campus. We talked about the freshman residence halls (Leitch and Bourgeois and floors 12-14 in Fox) then we talked about the Parking Garage (that holds 700 cars! That's right 700!!!) and parking costs ($144 a year, or $72 a semester) then we talked about the dining hall (which is located right across the street) and the Campus Rec Center (which is free to any student with a UML ID!). 

Then as the tour approached the front doors to Leitch Hall we showed everyone how your ID gives you access to the front door. Through the front doors, an RA discussed security. From 7pm-11pm there is an RA on security and then from 11pm-7am, there is a security guard at the front door that allows students access and signs in guests. This is for everyone in the building's safety. It is one of the best parts about UML. 

Then we headed down the hallway, and showed the tour a few double rooms and a quad. Regardless to whether a student is placed in a double or a quad, the student will have the same amount of space available to them. We also showed our "Duty Boards" which tells the student each night who is on duty and how to reach them (phone and room number) in case there is a problem or they just need to talk to the RA.

At the end of the tour, we walked everyone either back to the bus stop, or to the Rec Center, where they could get another tour!

Well I hope you used your imagination, especially if you missed Student Reception Day! Like I said, if you have ANY QUESTIONS, feel free to comment!

Well, I'm wiped from doing tours all day and being on duty tonight! 

Hope you have a great week!
Sam :)
Hey everyone!

So, The Vagina Monologues were amazing. TONS of people showed up! The raffles and cookies were a hit. The first night the audience was a lot more receptive, so it was an easier show. If any of you came, thank you so much! The entire class appreciates it. It meant a lot to see how many people were in the theater, all of us trying to achieve a common goal, to stop violence against woman.

Otherwise, this week has been so much more relaxing! I have actually had time for me. Thats the good thing about college, as stressful as it can get, there will always be some down time for you to enjoy yourself.

For example, last night I had a social program. (Social Programs are programs that the RA's plan just to get a group of people together to hang out. We do them at least once a month, usually we do them a lot more often though) It was a Birthday Party for Mr. Feeny in the lobby. (For those of you who don't know, Mr. Feeny was the principal on the show Boy Meets World) It was really cool to just hang out with people in the building and talk over some (delicious!) cake. It was a great opportunity to relax and catch up with friends and residents after a crazy week.

OH! And yesterday I signed up for advising! Advising period started today. Advising period is a 2 week session for students to meet with their Academic Advisor. I signed up for group advising though. That is when a few students meet with two or three Advisors in their department and figure out what their next semester will look like. I signed up for Friday at noon. I'm pretty sure I know what I want to take next semester though. I'm even doing a Directed Study under my favorite professor. A directed study is basically a class that you shadow a Professor for a whole semester. I'll be seeing how stress affects someone physically. Then I'm going to take research II and spanish. The other two classes are up in the air though. I'm going to check out the schedule and see what else looks interesting and fills my requirements.

Well I have a spanish test tomorrow that I must go study for...

Adios Amigos!

Sam :)

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