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Hey Everyone,

This is a sad entry. This will be my last blog for UMass Lowell. I have been writing for two years and I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all. I hope that you have all learned something from me, whether it be about UML or study tips or time management skills. I have had a lot of amazing opportunities and I have realized that, looking back, I have grown a lot since I've been documenting my college experience. These entries are like my own college time-capsule. (Along with my facebook, let's be serious.)

Grad School is shaping up. I'm mailing out the last few things I have this week and then it is all out of my hands. The grad school journey has been a long one, and it hasn't even really started yet! If applying has caused me this much stress, I'm nervous to see where the program itself will take me. To that, I say BRING IT ON! :) New adventures and challenges, here I come.

But before I pack my bags and head off to grad school, I have one last semester at UMass Lowell. This makes me TERRIBLY sad and I don't want to leave. But I digress.

Anyways, my last semester is going to be a crazy one and I'm going to crack down and take my 18-credits and work and try and get dean's list one last time. These are my big time goals. So as you're reading my last entry, I want you to set high goals for yourself next semester. Not just in academics, join a new club, apply for a new job, do something completely out of your comfort zone. I'm asking you to push yourself, make Spring 2010 your best semester yet.

I wish you all the BEST of luck in your future!!!!!!

As always...
Thanks for reading!
Sam :)

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