Swapping Classes & Grad School Update

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Hey Everyone,

How are you? I hope that you and your families had a great Thanksgiving! (And a GREAT Black-Friday & Cyber-Monday!)

So the other day I almost did something that I've taught almost every freshman and transfer that came through Orientation NOT to do. I almost dropped a class because I wanted to add a different one in the Spring. So I logged onto ISIS and I had all the numbers ready to go and I clicked the "Drop Classes" link. Then I highlighted the right class.. THEN I realized that I was commiting an ISIS no-no (not really, it will let you do it, it just isn't smart). So then I quickly quicked the "Swap Classes" link and entered in the class number I wanted to add next to the one I wanted to switch it with. THIS is a much smarter idea. If you change classes under the "Swap" function, you won't get dropped from your first class until you get into the second. It is always a safer thing to do. What if you dropped one class and your new class was full?! And then someone took your spot in your first class?!? Now you're doomed (well kind of). So basically, on ISIS, you never want to DROP a class if you have intentions of adding another one. Got it?! Don't forget it! It's handy information.


On another note, I delivered all of my Letters of Recommendation packets to people that agreed to write them. I provided them with tons of information (probably too much) including my resume and personal statement draft. I never understood why people asked for so much, but I realized that they need all of that information to write about you in a more well-rounded way. If my supervisor didn't know that I had a 3.59 GPA, she couldn't write how I balance my academics and my job. Same if my professors know that I do well in class, but don't know how much work I do around campus. It helps them fill in the gaps about what they don't know.

I'm also almost done filling out the applications themselves, which means this process is almost done.




On the note, Thank you for reading...

Sam :)

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