Horror Week

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Horror Week on South Campus!


Hey everyone,


Phew… ALMOST through with midterms * HAPPY DANCE* and midterms coming to a close means only one thing, HALLOWEEN IS COMING! Woohoo. I love Halloween. I’m even dressing up this year.


This year, South Campus RA’s are doing Halloween ALL OUT. We have tons of events coming up.


First, we had Pumpkin Carving. Our RA’s got pumpkins and tons of materials and set up a station Friday afternoon. Our residents can decorate the hallways with them and they’ll look fantastic for Safe Trick-or-Treat (don’t worry, I’ll explain that shortly.)


Then we have Apple Picking. Two RA’s are taking residents to a local farm to pick apples and enjoy the day out in the fall weather, before we get any more snow!


Some RA’s are also setting up a “Zombies vs. Humans” game for a few days. That starts soon. Basically everyone logs into this computer system and logs in as a human, then you tag people (not in class, the dining hall or their room) and they turn into zombies. I don’t really understand it, but apparently it’s really popular.


Also, we are having a Haunted House for our residents on Thursday October, 29th. It will be in the basement of Concordia. Last year I went through it and was terrified. I’m also a wimp though.


FINALLY, the last event is Safe Trick or Treat. We invite all the children in Lowell to come trick or treat in the residence halls. We also put on a Haunted House for the older children. Our residents pass out candy from their rooms and suites, we have games, crafts and photo opportunities for the kids. It’s a lot of fun and the kids really enjoy it.


It’s going to be a really busy but FUN week over here. I hope everyone else has a good week!


Thanks for reading,


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