Grad School Update

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Hey everyone,

So the other day, I went to relax and watch TV and I realized that I have less than 4 months to apply to 5 graduate schools. So of course, I started to panic and get EXTREMELY nervous. So I began the process.
For new readers, I'm looking at Grad School programs for Higher Ed Administration / College Student Development / Higher Ed and Student Affairs. Basically, I want to work in a college or university starting off in either Residence Life or Orientation and eventually I would love to be a Dean of Students somewhere. I love the college atmosphere and if this is what I can do for the rest of my life, why not?!

I went to each school's website and found their Graduate School applications and learned about each process. Most of the processes are online. Everything can be submitted on their websites including Professor recommendations. This makes life IMMENSELY easier for everyone. I can work on bits and pieces of the application here and there as I have a few spare minutes. This is a relief.

I also began asking Professors and Supervisors for recommendations. So far, everyone I asked has said yes with no hesitation. That makes me very happy and eager. I know that my Professors AND Supervisors know that I'm an extremely hard-worker and that I'm very motivated.

I've also started putting Open House dates in my calendar. I was supposed to go to North Carolina to check out schools in August but I got promoted and I started training ASAP, so my mother and I rescheduled. We're going to go the first week in January to check out schools down south. (If you're a frequent reader, you're aware that my mother wasn't always fond of the idea of me looking at Grad Schools SEVERAL states away.) I've done virtual tours of the schools and spoke to students at some of them, and so far so good!

So like I may have said this before, I'm the first person in my family to go to college, so Grad School is foreign territory here... so If any readers have ANY tips or tricks, please comment with them! Every little bit will help.

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

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Did you take the GRE's yet? If so, how were they?

Since you only have 4 months to apply, does that mean you are graduating in December like me?

I am almost on the same boat as you, but my first choice would be a full time job. Grad school comes in a close second. I am in a tough situation though, getting my masters at UML would be easiest, cheapest, and I would be more likely to get funding. But I feel like I have outgrown the school, and I'm ready for a new atmosphere. A couple programs I have considered include; Manufacturing Engineering at Northeastern and Engineering Management at UMass Amhearst. What do you think?


Hey Guthrie -

I have not taken the GRE's yet. I'm going to take them in Mid-Late November. I only have 4 months to apply because applications (while rolling) start being reviewed in January and I want to get into some competitive programs. I'm not graduating until May though.

Job vs. grad school is a tough debate. I think you should definitely keep your options open. Maybe apply at grad schools and apply for jobs?

One of the schools i'm looking at is Northeastern too, except for College Student Development. I do love UML, but like you, I'm ready for a new adventure (and my program isn't offered here).

I think that in the long run, we'll both make the best decisions for us... but it's just going to take time to figure out what that is.

Sam :)

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