A Brand New Year

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Hellooooooo everyone!

I hope that everyone had a FANTASTIC summer. I know I did. I was an Orientation Leader and we welcomed in over 1500 freshmen, almost 1000 transfers and friends and families. It was an amazing summer.

Then in August, I started Student Resident Director training. Yes, last time you read, I was an Assistant Resident Director and now I'm a Assistant Complex Director (Student RD) on campus. It all kind of came about rather quickly.

Don't fret though, I did have a vacation this summer. Myself and 11 friends (also, all Orientation Leaders) went on a 7-Day cruise to Bermuda. Before we left, Dean of Students Larry Siegel gave us all UML Riverhawk shirts to sport on the cruise. See below.


o2k9 on a boat.jpg

Ahh and then fast forward to school beginning. We had a fantastic opening week. Tons of events around campus. We had casino night, outdoor movies, a downtown scavenger hunt, a hypnotist, convocation, a club fair, a hot dog bbq, free admission to a Lowell Spinners game, Family Feud, concerts, Zach Galifianakis (a comedian - star of The Hangover), Duck Tours & Fenway Tours in Boston, Canobie Lake Park trips and probably a LOT more that I forget to mention.

I went to almost all of the Opening Week Events. My favorites were Zach Galifianakis and the Boston tours. Zach Galifianakis was INCREDIBLE. He was SO funny. I also got to sit front row center with some of my good friends. At some points during the show we could've reached out and touched him (we didn't, don't worry, security did not have to get involved!). The Boston tours were awesome too. I had never been on a Duck Tour or Tour of Fenway before, which is weird considering I live a minute and a half from Boston. I even got to drive the duck tour. See below. It was awesome. I was so excited.



ducktour.jpgOh... and classes started. But that's not too exciting. JUST KIDDING! That's why we're at college, right?


Well, since it's Friday and you're probably EXHAUSTED from the long week, I will end this entry now. Enjoy your weekend!


Thanks for reading,

Sam :)


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