Riverhawk Hockey

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Hey everyone,

First let me just say, UML RIVERHAWKS ARE IN THE HOCKEY EAST FINALS!!!!!! Holy batman is that incredible. The game last night was amazing. There were so many UML fans old (alumni) and young (current students) just littering the garden. It was so cool to see. 

Well, being the wicked smart person I am, I forgot my camera at home. LUCKY FOR ME... my great friend Alyssa brought hers and is letting me use some of her pictures in my blog. Thank you Alyssa!!!!

semi finals

team on line

The game was full of shots (I wanna say 44 to 26), both goalies were on fire. Fast forward to the craziest part of the game (i'm not a sports writer in the least... just a heads up.) 

So the game was 2-1 nearing the end of the 3rd period when OUT OF NOWHERE, with 19 SECONDS left on the clock, Campbell tied it up! The entire Northeastern crowd just kinda stood there... in awe... and the whole UML section was going CRAZY!!!

So OVERTIME, it's a clean slate you know? It might as well be 0-0 again. It's a race for the goal. Well three minutes into OVERTIME Auger SCORED. That's right, UML IN THE HOCKEY EAST FINALS! We beat out the #2 team that we haven't beat ALL SEASON! GO UML! 

final score

And that's just a visual for ya. Well I hope to see you ALL at the finals tonight!!!! TD Banknorth Garden 7pm!

I'll be the fan shaking with excitement... or... one of them.

Thanks for reading,

Sam :)

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What a great arena to play at! I've only ever played in a large capacity arena once and it was amazing. Banknorth must be incredible. I run a hockey training program and we work out of an OHL arena every now and then and even thats great.

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