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Hey everyone,


Sorry I didn't write last week, I've been VERY busy.


So you know, college is full of F-words. Friends, Food, Finals.. and don't you forget... FAFSA! *cue evil music* Now if you're good with taxes and numbers, don't fret... you'll be okay! But if you mention that F-word in my house, everyone scatters.


If you don't know what FAFSA is, It is "The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (known as the FAFSA) is a form that can be filled out annually by current and anticipating university students (both undergraduate and graduate) and sometimes their parents in the United States to determine their eligibility for federal student financial aid (including Pell grants, Stafford loans, PLUS loans, and work-study programs)." (Thanks Wikipedia) Overall, it is a GOOD thing, but it causes stress and foul moods in my house.


So this weekend I went home to meet with my accountant with my parents to do taxes because FAFSA is due March 1st. Well taxes with my accountant was fine, because you know, he is dealing with all the numbers. But then... Saturday morning, came a dreaded black cloud... it was time to sit down with mom and all our taxes and do FAFSA.


 This is our fourth time filling out this (fabulous) form online and this year, we were like pro's. We stayed calm, and we had all our tax information laid out, and it went rather smoothly. It ended up only taking 20 minutes thanks to our attitudes and the website knowing our info from last year.

Here is some advice I have for you to help ease this time in your home:

1 - Don't yell. Everyone is just as confused and frusterated. Stay CALM!

2 - Know you can ask for help (on the website) There is a chatroom-type help link.

3 - Have your tax information and PIN numbers (electronic signatures) ready to go.

Well if you have anymore questions about FAFSA, check out fafsa.ed.gov or call UML's Financial Aid Office at 978-934-4220.

Thanks for reading everyone,

Sam :)

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