They're BAAACK!

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Hey everyone,

So at about 11:59am today, my friend Nichole and I watched the clock and counted down until noon, when the residents could move back in. Sure as I'm typing this, at noon, it was like noise erupted. Furniture began moving, music was playing, there was yelling and squealing... just like clockwork.

Everyone is back tonight and it's great to see all of the faces I've missed all month. It's great to hear all of the different vacation stories and the trips that people took. I got to tell everyone about my Florida trip that ended in bronchitis, but was well worth it.

It's so funny after spending a week pretty much alone in a building to then all of a sudden having 300+ people walking around and laughing and talking (and yelling). It makes it feel much more like home. :)

Tomorrow classes start... and I'm pretty excited. There is nothing like new notebooks and pens and highlighters to start your week off right. I'm starting later this semester than I ever have. My days start at 11:30 and 12. It is my present to myself for doing so well last semester and stressing myself out. I ALSO can't wait to see the syllabus for each class and plan out my semester. I can't wait to get into routine and knowing what to do everyday. 

I'm also really excited to work on my Action Plan. Action Plans are ResLife's way of making sure residents needs are being met. On Friday we got to "pimp our Action Plans" and decorate them. I pretty much planned out my entire semester and I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Well, I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC semester and I wish you all the best of luck settling back into routine.

As always, Thanks for reading!

- Sam :)

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