Winter Break - 1

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Hey everyone,

Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone got everything they wanted. I know I did...I got a GPS woo! Now I won't get lost going places (well, I probably won't get lost). Best invention EVER. I got a new digital camera too (my old one broke last spring). I also got a few books and movies that I wanted. I got some Barnes & Nobles gift cards too, which are great because now I can buy books for my vacation.

SO GRADES ARE IN! YAY! I got an A in Children's Literature, Personal & Reflective Writing, Directed Study and Quantitative Reasoning. I got a B+ in Intermediate Spanish I and I got a B in Research II... Or at least that's what ISIS said. I knew something was up because I thought I did better in the course. I was doing well all semester and I didn't think that the final was too difficult. I shrugged it off at first and blamed it on the final. But Tuesday I got an e-mail from the professor saying that some grades were errors and if we think ours was one of them to contact her. So I did, and one of my lab grades was never inputed. So after running around and looking for anyone in the Psych Dept. my lab got faxed to her and my grade will be changed as soon as the university opens again! I actually got a B+ in the class. I KNOWWWW it doesn't make that much of a difference in GPA but I was aiming to bring my cumulative GPA above a 3.5 and I DID!

So if you think any of your grades are way off, e-mail your professor and ASK! It can't hurt to see how they came to the grade you were given. Teachers usually have no problem telling you how your grade broke down.

Also, if you want to figure out how your GPA is figured out, you can use the online calculator I use - or check out to see how you can figure it out yourself. It is also posted on the bottom of your ISIS along with your cumulative GPA.

I'm also happy to announce that there are NO FINALS in January because there were no more snow days. PHEW! That was a close one.

Well, my mother isn't happy with me because I'm not quiteeeee packed yet for my trip. I leave Tuesday at 6AM!!! My goal is to find a coffee shop or a restaurant with WiFi so I can post pictures halfway through my trip. 

As always, Thanks for reading!

Sam :)

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