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Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't written in a while. When I tell you I had the BUSIEST week of my LIFE, I mean it. Tests, after exams, after papers, after interviews... phew. Today was the first day I sat down and took a deep breath (before homework of course.)

So last Saturday was BACHA. BACHA is Boston Area College Housing Association. It was an all-day conference in Boston @ Northeastern. It was great! I attended a great presentation called "At First Glance" and it was all about stereotypes and respecting the people you're surrounded by. The presentation was by 2 old RD's here at UML. They both work at Simmons College now and it is great to see them so happy and doing so well! I also attended a FABULOUS presentation on Grad School! It was all about how to get into grad school and the timelines you have to follow. We also talked about Grad Schools with intentions to go into Student Affairs. It was so awesome! I feel a lot more confident about grad schools now.

I guess the presentation on respect made me think about life in my own residence hall. Respect is KEY! If you don't respect your roommate, neighbor or floormates, how are you going to build relationships and friendships? How are you going to grow as a person? Living with 80 people in a hallway is sure a new experience, and not everyone transitions well, so here are three steps to being a better resident!

1 - Turn down the music! If you're even questioning if it's too loud, it's too loud. Walls aren't exactly the thickest here at UML and odds are your neighbor doesn't want to hear Beyonce or Fall Out Boy BLARING through the wall.

2 - Don't yell in the hallway! Walk down the 20ft. to your friends door and ask her for her stiletto heels you want to borrow, don't yell 3 rooms away. Odds are the rooms in between you don't care if you NEED red heels.

3 - Don't tear down signs, door tags or decorations! A LOT of work goes into them and they brighten up the residence hall. By tearing them down you're showing disrespect to EVERYONE! Just be nice! Besides, what did the flower with someone's name on it do to you?

Have a GREAT week,

Sam :)

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