Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hey everyone!

I love Thanksgiving break! It's a mini-vacation before our real vacation. I know I plan on going home and getting a LOT of work done, so it won't be much of a vacation for me. It's really exciting to see this time of the year roll around, Christmas lights start to make their way up, sales start, and holiday movies start being shown on tv. YAY! Plus, this year over Christmas Break, I'll be in Florida for 11 days. 

So on the grad school preparation front, not much has changed. I've started looking into GRE study guides, practice exams and dates for next semester. I know it seems early, but this year is already flying by for me. 

In regards to the grad school selection front, I'm still nervous about looking at schools so far away. Like I said before, my mom really doesn't want me to go. Well, she does, she wants me to get my masters and she wants me to be happy, but she's scared to have me looking at schools so far away. We're really close, and she's going to miss me. I've known that since I started looking at schools, so that's been well and good. WELL... this weekend, she brought up grad schools in front of my brother. My brother is 10, and we fight most of the time, but we're really close. So he got really defensive and teary eyed (I didn't say that if he asks!) and expressed how much he did NOT want me going far away. It was sad, but I told him if I went far away it would give him a reason to vacation. Funny, but he started to like the idea of me going away after that.

I'm also planning on flying down to NC this summer with my mother to check out the two schools I'm looking at. We checked out local airports and hotels this weekend.

OH! And in case I forgot to mention, I got RE-HIRED as an Orientation Leader for 2009. So if you're an incoming student or parent/guardian of an incoming student, odds are you'll see me this summer! I can't wait!

Well as a early holiday gift, this entry resemble this week... short.

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

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Bess Horn said:

Hi Sam! A zillion years ago I lived in Chelsea on Washington Avenue. We are from Connecticut and my son is thinking about applying to UMASS-Lowell. I graduated UMASS-Amherst (a very long time ago)and remember having so much fun! Are there things going on during the weekends? The Connecticut state schools empty out almost every weekend. What are the weekends like at UMASS-Lowell? Is it difficult to get housing?

Bess Horn

Hey Bess,

It's great to hear that your son is thinking about applying to UMass Lowell!

Weekend life usually depends on the weekend. Three-day weekends are usually dead because everyone goes home or visits friends, but most other weekends are pretty busy. Once hockey season starts in October, there is a hockey game almost every weekend. There are also concerts either at UML or close by that students go to. Downtown Lowell is also a close walk. There are tons of restaurants (including one of my FAVORITES.. Mambo Grill) and theaters and museums close by.

If you apply for housing on time and get in all the necessary paperwork, it is not hard to get housing. The University has plans for adding residence halls and outside housing options. If you want more information on housing itself (including deadlines and forms), you should call 978-934-5160.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!

Sam :)

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