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Hey everyone,

I hope you're reading this and you aren't stressing about midterms, but odds are that's incredibly unrealistic. This blog has become a saving grace of procrastination. In fact, there are plenty of other things I should be doing, but I decided to take a break and write here.

Midterms are a great and tortuous (just kidding!) device that professors use to find out how well you're doing and in turn allow you know how you're doing in the course. These devices may be found in the forms of papers, exams or projects.

Here are some tips for studying and preparing for midterms that work for me:

1 - Make a timeline. Figure out what is due when and when exams fall into place.
2 - Make study groups! It is easier to not dive into midterms alone.
3 - Take breaks! (Like right now) Quick breaks will allow you to recharge.
4 - Don't procrastinate! Everything IS going to happen, so don't push it all back, it just gets overwhelming.

So my timeline looks like this:

Last night - Study for my Research II Exam
Today - Work on a Spanish packet, Study for my Children's Literature Midterm.
This weekend - Work on a Children's Literature essay, Finish the Spanish packet.
Beginning of next week - Do my Research II Take Home Exam.

Seeing everything out, and planning it out gives me a good sense of time. It allows me to plan life around what needs to be done, like duties and securities I might have.

Midterms are serious! You should understand that they are often a large portion of your final grade. If you don't do so well on a midterm, it should be a good indicator that you should work harder in the class.

Well as always... Thanks for reading,

Sam :)

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