Last weekend!

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Hey everyone,


This past weekend was one of the craziest on campus in a while. In three days we had President Wilson of the UMass System come visit, the first UML Hockey game of the season, family day and open house.

First, lunch with President Wilson was excellent. There were about 25 students there and Chancellor Meehan ordered us pizza. Chancellor Meehan and President Wilson basically made the lunch an open forum and we got to ask anything we wanted. We got questions answered about all of the changes at the university (budget cuts, financial aid, Fox Hall, new academic buildings etc.). President Wilson was a very friendly and personable guy, I was very honored to meet him. On the way out of our lunch, we got tickets for a free soda and popcorn at the hockey game.

Then, later that night was UML's first hockey game. We got to sit in the front row right behind the goal in the student section, it was intense! The game was a lot of fun, I definitely missed the atmosphere. There is nothing like a whole portion of the Tsongas chanting and cheering together. I wonder if we broke the record for the most people to attend a UML Hockey game on opening night. Below is a picture of me and my friends Jenna and Tammy at the game. There is a pretty similar one floating around from last year at the first game & a picture of Rowdy the Riverhawk on the ice.

pic 3.jpg





Saturday was Family Day. There were tons of activities! There was a rock wall, two separate moon bounces, lots of different types of food, games and even a make your own fishtank (and get a free fish!) booth. I got a fish, his name is Jujubee. My favorite club booth was probably the Cheerleading Teams "jail". What you could do was pay $1 and have someone put in the jail for 5 minutes, or you could pay $2 and get out early. I took pictures of some people in jail. Even Chancellor Meehan ended up in jail, he was a great sport though.

pic 5.jpg pic4.jpg

Then Sunday was Open House. I did South Campus tours all day. It was great to see some of the faces of people that might be coming to UML. I had a lot of fun on my tours and it made me miss orientation. So if I met you at Open House, it was a pleasure and I hope to see you at Accepted Students day.

Doing Tours also made me think about Grad School and how I'm going to be touring school again soon. It's so exciting.


Well thanks for reading,

-Sam :)

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