Campus Events & Grad School Updates

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Hey everyone,

First and most importantly, I would like to say that I got a 95 on my second Research II Exam. So I now have a 91 and a 95. Therefore, the one class I was most concerned about, is the class I'm doing the best in. I'm SOOOO happy. (For now...)

Oh! I can't believe I forgot to write this in the last entry. I found out late last week that I get to attend a luncheon this Friday with the President of UMass, President Wilson. I got invited through Residence Life and Orientation. I'm really excited to go. It's a great opportunity to meet him and talk about issues and things going on on-campus. It's going to be a really productive luncheon between some great student leaders and higher-ups at the university. I'll be sure to write about the event and fill you all in.

Another great event at UML next week is the "Student Forum about the National Presidential Primary Candidates' Positions on a Range of Health Issues." Four student teams are presenting a discussion about what the candidates do and don't say about very important health issues. It is a great event to attend if you want to be more informed about the candidates. I can't attend because I have classes but I really can't wait to hear about it afterwards. I think if you can go, you should... These are the things that are going to affect us sooner than we realize.

GRAD SCHOOL UPDATE: I received two packages in the mail today and both of them were from UNC-Greensboro. One was about the University and Graduate School in general and the other was about the two programs I expressed interest in. It made me even more nervous and excited. I know I have a year and a half to decide, but knowing I have deadlines, and need recommendations, and have to take GRE's can really stress a person out. I think it's time to make an appointment with career services for real.

On another Grad School note, I talked to a fellow res-lifer who moved far from home to come here, and we talked about me being nervous about moving away from home, and some of my anxieties (leaving friends and being 12 hours away from any family). He really helped me realize that it would be a great experience and if my friends and family truly loved me they'd want me to get the best experiences I could. It soothed some of my anxieties about the leaving part, figures, just as the getting in anxieties get higher.

Well It's almost time for bed...

Thanks for reading,

Sam :)

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