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Hey everyone,

 I wrote the rest of this entry a few days ago, but our system was down so I couldn't post it... So here it is now.

Phew! Exams this week are over! In true Sam fashion, I got miserably sick right before my exam on Tuesday. I know! Just my luck! (If you've read previous entries, you'll see a pattern).

Getting sick at school is one of those almost unavoidable things that happens at the WORST times. Notice that I said almost... There are some ways to keep healthy at school.

1 - Take vitamins. Tell your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner that you're at school and your diet is changing and your exposed to all new kinds of germs. They can usually suggest something that will work best for you.
2 - Eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal. Whether it is the banana you put in your cereal or the apple you grab on the way out of dinner, get the nutrients you need!
3 - Drink lots of water. Stock up on the 24 packs when they go on sale at Market Basket or Wal-mart! (And if you don't want to carry a whole case up the stairs, leave them in the trunk of your car and carry up a few at a time, that's what I do)

Okay, so let's say you're starting to feel sick at school (it is inevitable, you will get sick at some point) no worries! What I do is when I feel a sniffle start to come on, I immediately ditch the soda's and get orange juice in the dining halls. Also, take that hour you have off to take a nap rather than sit on facebook or play Guitar Hero. Even a little nap can help you re-power yourself to get through the day. Another thing is to get to sleep early, pass on the trip to Mahoney's at 11, and get to bed! Sleeping is key!

Now let's say you're at the point of mere misery (say me, right now) still don't worry! First, head to Fox convenience and buy yourself some cough drops and cold medicine (courtesy of whoever pays for your meal plan) with points. It is great when you don't have to spend cash on medicine to nurse yourself back to health. At UML, we also have a great Health Services on campus. Call and make an appointment! It can't hurt. Maybe they can give you some tips on how to get better faster or anti-biotics (if it isn't just a plain cold).

Remember, your immune system isn't perfect. . . especially if it is your first year here, your body has to get used to everyone else's germs.

Well I'm going to take this time to re-coop and I'll see you all later.

Thanks for reading,
Sam :)

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