It's MAY!

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Hey everyone!

Do you know what today is? It's May 1st. That means there are approximately 22 days left until move out. One of the greatest things about college is how early we get out for the summer!

So this week has been crazy! A lot of final papers and exam deadlines are starting to approach. Just this week I had two 5-page papers due, a research assignment and a Spanish exam. All on top of beating my cold. (Yes, I went to Health Services!) Phew!!! Tomorrow is an easy day for me, no quizzes or papers due, just class. Next week is another story though!

With May also comes Spring Training for Residence Life! All the new and old RA's get to meet up with their new staffs and team build all day. It is very exciting. Spring Training last year was my first real event with ResLife. It was love since then. I got a very cryptic e-mail from the RD of Bourgeois today saying that we need to bring 10 photos with us to training on Saturday. It was very hard just to pick 10 photos. They are a lot of friends, family and fenway (of course!). 

May 1st is also Foster Care Awareness Day. Last year, I planned the day with Professor Doreen Arcus. She is a great professor in the Psychology dept. and is a director of the Honors Program. She is one of the kindest people I've met at UML. Last year she kind of took me under her wing and helped me get involved. So today, it only seemed right to stop by "FCAD" (as we call it). There were a lot of representatives from the Department of Social Services, the Speak Out Team, Mass Families for Kids, Massachusetts Advocates for Children and many more. They also collected 100 pairs of shoes. For each pair of shoes, there are approximately 100 children in foster care. It was an extremely touching display, and at the end of the day, all of the shoes are donated to children in foster care. I really hope that next year I have the time to get back on board with planning the day. 

Well I'm going to call my mom because I have 15 minutes before I'm back on the go!

See ya,

Sam :)

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Dr. Jacqueline Moloney said:

Hi Samantha,
Good to read your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Arcus is a great lady, I'm glad you worked on that project. I attended last year for part of the session and found it very interesting.

Good luck with exams.

Dr. Moloney

Thank you!

- Samantha

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