Summer Classes and The "F" Word

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Hey Everyone!

So here I was today, reading the UML Announcements (It is a Daily E-mail that students and faculty receive to keep one updated on the University) and I'm reading and scrolling and reading and what do I happen to glance over? The one, the only, the F-word! No, no, no... not the F-word you're used to. The F-word that is the worst word college students ever hear... FINALS! *creepy background music* 

Yup, thats right, the finals schedules are out and printed on the registrars website. The way finals work are that each class is assigned a 3 hour block for testing. You can have your 8am final, 11:30 final or your 3pm final. And there are usually 6 days of testing. Every class will have a time for the final, even if the final is just a paper. This is the first semester that I've looked up my schedule and haven't wanted to cringe. *thank you Almighty Registrar* My finals schedule is Monday at 3pm, Wednesday at 11:30am and Thursday at 3pm. Thats right NO 8AM FINALS FOR ME! *dance* .. *more dancing* In my four semesters here I have had several 8am finals each semester. I'm very lucky.

Well now that I've scared the daylights out of you about finals (If you haven't noticed I tend to exaggerate bit, finals aren't that bad... As long as one studies and doesn't sleep through the final, you can do okay) I'm going to tell you my tentative summer plans.

This summer I plan on staying at school, and working around here (Spinners maybe? The school library? I don't know yet.. these are TENTATIVE plans folks!) But one thing I do know is that I'm taking a Summer course. I'm actually excited about this. Summer courses run during all different Summer sessions and I plan on taking one from July 7th-August 17th. No I'm not crazy. Summer classes are a great way to catch up or get ahead of the game. (One can also take intersession courses which take place over winter break.)

Most Summer courses either run at 8am, 10:15am or 7pm. These courses also tend to be either 4 times a week or  2 times a week. If you only meet twice a week, the class sessions run longer.

So I've been looking at the summer course schedules and a few stick out to me. I might take a Sociology course, or a Spanish course. Sociology would knock out one of my General Education requirements. But so would Spanish, and It would put me ahead of the language classes. I don't really know what I'm taking yet. I just know that I'm going to take one. My mom even told me she'd help me pay for it. 

If you're interested in taking a Summer Course, check out this website, it has the class description, professor and the cost! Continuing Ed Or you can also check out Registars Website.

Well I'm watching the Red Sox game as I'm writing this, and we all know (or are learning) how obsessed Sam is with the Red Sox...

So thanks for reading,


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