Spring Carnival

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Hey everyone!

Jam Session was amazing last week. Our Smeames did such a great job! It was a lot of fun. There were some great bands and then everyone who just jammed was incredible. I think this should become a tradition thing.
So next week is Spring Carnival! Spring Carnival is the best two days ever at UML. This years theme is a Jungle Theme. CAPA (Campus Activities Programming Asociation) runs Spring Carnival (along with most other major events on campus), which means its run by students, which means you could pick what we do next year. Just join CAPA in the fall. They are a great club with the student's best interest at heart.

So, Thursday is going to be a lot of fun. There will be tons to do on east campus. There is a BBQ, there are shows by the cheerleaders, dance team, Pablo Francisco (a comedian) is performing in the rec center ($8 for students, $20 for non-students) and then CAPA is playing Superbad on a blow-up screen outside on the lawn. THEN after that, there is a midnight breakfast for students.

Friday, all the clubs set up booths and have games and activities for students to do. Some things to do are Amazon Races, Airbrush Tattoos, Bungee Races, a Rock Wall and Airbrush Trucker Hats. There is also going to be a battle of the bands competition from 1-5. Nothing is better than free music and free activities (in MY opinion... okay and every other college kid's opinion too).

It is going to be so much fun. I realllllly can't wait. Last year when I cheerleaded, we performed at the BBQ on Thursday and we had a dunk tank booth. This year Smeames is going to have a booth and it's going to be a lot of fun.

So today, I had a very interesting adventure. A few friends and I went to the Roger Williams Zoo in RI. We spent all day in the sun, and i'm EXHAUSTED and ready for bed.

Have a great long weekend and enjoy the nice weather!!!!

Sam :)

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