RELAXING! (and Advising!)

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Hey everyone!

So, The Vagina Monologues were amazing. TONS of people showed up! The raffles and cookies were a hit. The first night the audience was a lot more receptive, so it was an easier show. If any of you came, thank you so much! The entire class appreciates it. It meant a lot to see how many people were in the theater, all of us trying to achieve a common goal, to stop violence against woman.

Otherwise, this week has been so much more relaxing! I have actually had time for me. Thats the good thing about college, as stressful as it can get, there will always be some down time for you to enjoy yourself.

For example, last night I had a social program. (Social Programs are programs that the RA's plan just to get a group of people together to hang out. We do them at least once a month, usually we do them a lot more often though) It was a Birthday Party for Mr. Feeny in the lobby. (For those of you who don't know, Mr. Feeny was the principal on the show Boy Meets World) It was really cool to just hang out with people in the building and talk over some (delicious!) cake. It was a great opportunity to relax and catch up with friends and residents after a crazy week.

OH! And yesterday I signed up for advising! Advising period started today. Advising period is a 2 week session for students to meet with their Academic Advisor. I signed up for group advising though. That is when a few students meet with two or three Advisors in their department and figure out what their next semester will look like. I signed up for Friday at noon. I'm pretty sure I know what I want to take next semester though. I'm even doing a Directed Study under my favorite professor. A directed study is basically a class that you shadow a Professor for a whole semester. I'll be seeing how stress affects someone physically. Then I'm going to take research II and spanish. The other two classes are up in the air though. I'm going to check out the schedule and see what else looks interesting and fills my requirements.

Well I have a spanish test tomorrow that I must go study for...

Adios Amigos!

Sam :)

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Christian said:

Hey Sam!

Just wanted to say hi! Awesome blog! I wish I went to Florida for spring break... I just stayed home and be boring!

Hope to see you sometime!

Thanks! Hope your semester is going alright!

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