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Hey everyone!


How are you? The semester is starting to pick up and things are starting to get crazy around UML.

So today, I went home for the day to do some laundry and talk to my mom about studying abroad.


Last week I went to the Study Abroad Fair put on by Centers for Learning. I worked at the fair last year and Iíve always thought about studying abroad. Lately, Iíve been doing a lot of research on my own and Iíve narrowed it down to three countries - Spain, Argentina and Costa Rica. My goal is to be bilingual before I graduate!


So I walked in and filled out a raffle (C.L.A.S.S. always has the best prizes) then I picked a table and started from there.


At first I talked to someone from CIS Ė Center for International Studies. They were really nice. They told me about their program in Spain. They also showed me some pictures; Spain has to be one of the most beautiful countries.


Then I went to the CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad) table. They were really helpful. They have the biggest information book ever. They have programs in Argentina, Costa Rica and Spain. I talked to the rep for a bit and found a crane to carry the giant book they gave me.


Next, I talked to the Semester at Sea people. (I know they werenít on my list, but the thought of spending 68 days around the world fascinates me) He told me the very top secret destinations of the Summer 09 voyage. (No I canít tell you, itís a secret!)


Then I talked to the gentleman from ISA (International Studies Abroad). He was the most sociable person Iíve ever met. He was just telling me about all his experiences in Spain and ďBAĒ (Buenos Aires) and how much fun he had. He asked me questions that I never thought about in regards to study abroad. Did I want to be in a small city or large city? Did I want to learn the language really fast or be in a more English-immersed location? He picked out the *perfect* place for me to consider. Santander, Spain. Itís little, itís on the beach, and Iíd learn the language fast because it isnít a very ďTourist-yĒ place.


Finally, I talked to the woman from API (Academic Programs International). She told me about their Summer Program in Costa Rica (because the book had turtles on the cover and caught my attention). The program in Costa Rica is in a small city with a small university. But the part that I REALLY like is that after your 5 weeks of classes, you can choose to go on a 2-week volunteer Sea Turtle Conservation Program. They also have lots of scholarship options.


So Iíve basically narrowed it down to two options- Santander, Spain and Costa Rica. My mom is really cool with me going. Sheís going to miss me though *tear*. Now all I have to do is call Centers for Learning and make an appointment to see which option is best for me.


See ya!!


- Sam

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I have really found your post to be informative and this has compelled me to visit your blog over and over again. I'd like to thank you for your efforts in spreading academic information. Regards.

Thanks for your kind words! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask!

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