Spring Break!

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Hey everyone!!!

Spring Break is here!!! I love it! It is the perfect break right in the middle of a busy semester, it’s great to just relax and reset. Last year I worked over Spring Break at home. This year I did the typical college thing and went to Florida with some friends.

Welcome to “The Most Responsible Spring Break Ever!”


On this trip is myself, John (a fellow RA), Tammy (a fellow RA), Lindsey (a fellow RA) and Jana (an ex-RA). So, four of us (John, Jana, Tammy and I) drove down here on Saturday into Sunday. The car ride wasn’t too bad. We did a lot of stopping on the way down at random rest stops. Billboard signs are also a good thing for amusement.


Fast forward to today, Monday, St. Patrick’s Day. Today we woke up and had every intention of lounging by the pool at our hotel. At 10am, Tammy got a phone call from a friend who could get us the Red Sox vs. Yankee tickets we’ve been trying to get for months now. So of course we say “YES!” and change and get on the road as quickly as we could because we had 3 hours before the game started to get the tickets and drive the two and a half hour drive to Tampa. So we saw the Red Sox play (and lose…BOO!) to the Yankees today. It was a great game. We even made friends with Yankees fans.

(And at the game, John was wearing a UML t-shirt and TWO people stopped him and said it was their Alma Mater! You never know where you’ll see UML people!)

So here's a picture of the game. I have a lot more if you want to see them, you can comment here, and I'll post them.


So after the game, we decided we wanted Hard Rock Café for dinner. So we put “Hard Rock Café” in the GPS and it said there was one in Lakeland, FL. So we click “GO!” and it starts to direct us there. OKAY, so the GPS lied, and brought us to some residential neighborhood. (John is describing it as “sketchy Florida sticks.”) It was creepy! So we just re-entered Hard Rock and went to Orlando.


So we got to Universal and the City Walk and walked around and took lots of pictures. Then we went into Hard Rock Cafe, and right before we went in and took our pictures, some guy stopped us, and asked if we went to UMass Lowell, and we said “yeah!” and he goes “I do too!!!!” It was really cool. Again, you never know where you’ll see UML people! So we sat down to eat, and we had the coolest waiter ever! He was so friendly! Definitely southern hospitality at its best!

Here's me outside the Hard Rock Cafe
me at hardrock.JPG

Then we walked around the City Walk and took more pictures and stopped at Starbucks.


So the rest of our break is booked day-by-day. Tomorrow we’re going to Daytona Beach for the day and making ourselves dinner in our hotel room. Then Wednesday, Tammy, Lindsey and I are going to Magic Kingdom! Thursday we’re going to Cocoa Beach for the day and then at night I’m making Tacos in the hotel room. Then Friday morning, we’re leaving to drive back to UML.


After Spring Break, school is going to be really great. Midterms are over (for the most part) and everyone is recharged from their breaks. Spring Break is one of the best things that college has.


Well, it’s getting late and we have an early start tomorrow.


Thanks for reading,

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