Online Classes & Stress Relief

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Hey everyone!



So Spring Break was awesome! I had a great time. Now itís time to get back into the swing of things and finish the semester.


Yesterday, I got my RA Acceptance letter for next year! I was very pleased to see the Congratulations when I first opened the envelope. Then of course, the next thing I did was skim the letter to see where I am going to be an RA next year. Youíre now reading the blog of a Bourgeois RA for the 2008-2009 school year. Iím very excited. Bourgeois is a freshman dorm on east campus. I have never lived on East Campus before so itís going to be interesting!


This morning, I woke up early to watch the Red Sox. If I havenít mentioned it before, I LOVE the Red Sox! It was a really good game (6-5 Red Sox!). During the last inning, I couldnít really pay attention because I had my online class.


Online classes are another wonder that UML offers. My Research I class is a blended course. That means that we meet one day online and one day in person. On Tuesdays, we meet online and we review the material that is on the quizzes in class on Thursdays. I find it really beneficial and itís definitely helping my grade. Plus, I get to stay in my pajamas and have breakfast during class. I definitely recommend taking a blended course while youíre at UML. It is unlike anything you will have ever done before!


For the rest of the day Iím working on my bulletin board for my floor. Iím focusing on Stress Relief Tips because April is Stress Awareness Month! It is very easy to get stressed out in college if you arenít prepared with a few stress relief tips. My favorite stress reliever is playing with play-doh. I just make shapes and play around and it definitely relieves stress. My friend Jenna colors to relieve stress. Both activities can get your mind off of your stress and help you to relax.


Another Stress Reliever is the Visualization Line that Health Services & Counseling Services offer. If youíre calling from a campus phone it is extension 6865. If youíre calling from a cell phone or home phone, the number is 978-934-6865. I definitely recommend calling it once in a while. Last time I called, I was on a hot-air balloon ride.


Well, today is the beginning of my very busy week (I have dress rehearsals and The Vagina Monologues this week) so Iím going to get some work done.


Thanks for reading,



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