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Hey everyone!


My name is Samantha and I知 new to the UML Blogging Community, so I guess I should tell you a bit about myself.


Like I said, my name is Samantha, but everyone just calls me Sam. I知 in my second year at UML. I知 a psychology major and I知 aiming to have a specialization in Developmental Disabilities. I知 a Resident Advisor (RA) on North Campus. It痴 pretty much the most amazing job ever. I知 in the Student Leadership Network. The Student Leadership Network is a group of leaders on campus (anyone in any kind of leadership position on campus). Basically, we have dinners once a month and people from different parts of the university (Network Services, Maintenance, and Student Govt. etc.) talk to us and see what we want from each of their services and we give a feedback. We池e changing the University every month just by having dinner and talking. It痴 a great experience. I知 also involved in a newer club on campus called 鄭ctive Minds. We池e promoting mental health awareness on campus by programming with health services and the counseling center on campus. Our first event is going to be a campus wide backpack drive. In exchange for donating a backpack, the students can receive a few stress relievers. All of the backpacks we collect are going to be donated to local schools for children without backpacks.


I absolutely love to read. I can read any book you give to me. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors right now. My favorite books of all time are ALL of the Harry Potter books.


I also love to dance. I致e danced since I was 3 years old. When I was 8, I started taking Hip Hop classes and I fell in love with them. I danced on my dance team in high school and I currently take Hip-Hop classes at the Campus Rec Center.


My other passion is cheerleading. I致e been a cheerleader since I was 7 years old. I cheered for Pop Warner, then I coached Pop Warner and I cheered on the UML痴 cheerleading squad last year. I知 taking a break from cheerleading this year though; I知 focusing on my RA job and my education.


My favorite sports are hockey and baseball. One of my favorite things about the university are the hockey games. Even if you aren稚 a crazy hockey fanatic (like myself) the atmosphere at the games are a lot of fun. Students all come together, regardless to what major, what age, what their hobbies are, and support our hockey team. Plus, you can almost always get free stuff and enter to win tons of prizes. I have 5 UML shirts just from Hockey games. I知 also a baseball fanatic (Go Red Sox!)


My favorite thing about this university is probably the people. The faculty, staff and even the students make this university feel like home. I know that if I ever need to talk to someone about grades, or if I知 starting to feel sick, or if I want someone to go to lunch with, I can always find someone.


Well, now I have to clean up my room (I知 also a messy person) and head to class!


Thanks for reading!



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