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Hi guys,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving… I hope you guys had the chance to spend some quality time with your family and had the chance to live the crazy experience of Black Friday…. I had a great time, I ate a lot food and I spent some money buying presents for Christmas… 

I had a good time this weekend but I also needed this small vacation time to work on some homework and get ready for two interviews I have next week. I’ve been working all day long making power point slides and preparing for the presentations. My boyfriend also has a presentation to give for an interview; therefore, we have been practicing and given each other positive and negative criticism about the presentation. This way we are helping each other to be prepared for our interviews.

When I was making the power point presentation for one of my interviews I found the following quote: I don't like that man.  I must get to know him better” by Abraham Lincoln. In my presentation I want to include that having a positive attitude at the workplace make a huge difference in accomplishing goals. Thinking always positive and bring a smile wherever you go can be the bridge to success or failure. When I came across this quote, it really made me realize how we can change our thinking to see the world in a different way. Don’t ever be negative, change your mind set to a positive one. Change the “I don’t want to fail tomorrow’s test”  for a “I want to pass tomorrow’s test”

This is the mind set I’m going with to those interviews. I want to give a great presentation, show that I’m a quick learner, team player and a hard working person. We are almost done with this semester; the next couple of weeks might get a little crazy for many of you. I encourage you to have a plan, be organized and always be a good attitude to class.

Enjoy this week!

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