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Weekly Update ;-)



I hope you guys are doing well... In my case I've been great.. I'm really enjoying my summer.. I have couple of things to share with you today..

Last Friday I was invited to talk at EurekaFest at MIT.. It was a great opportunity to talk to High School students from different places of US who want to be entrepreneurs and share with them my experiences as an entrepreneur. The same day we got to meet a lot of important people from MIT and we visited the MIT Media Lab. That place is awesome and all the projects that they are working on are very interesting.. They even are making "Smart Clothing" isn't that cool? Later at night we were invited to a VIP reception where different people associated with MIT was going to be there.. I had the chance to mingle with MIT students, entrepreneurs and program directors.. I was very happy I attended this activity because now I'm more open minded to the opportunities that are available to me today.. It was a great opportunity to network and add more people to my professional network.

This weekend I enjoyed the beautiful weather, I attended my friend's graduation party and I spend time with my family on Father's day.. I also went to vote for the first time to elect the next Colombian President.

 Finally, last night after work I went to have some drinks with couple of friends.. We all met up in Salem, MA to chill.. It was a nice "four couple" date.. It was nice to get all couples together again since like November last year.. We stayed at the restaurant for like two hours and then we went home..  I had a good time!!!

OK, this was all.. I hope you guys have a nice rest of the week!


Hi guys,

Here I am again with my weekly post. Weeks are flying by .. especially when I have fun.. I don't have much to tell say today.. I haven't done much.. I just worked over the week and had some fun over the weekend. I've been watching the Celtics play and also watched the Opening Concert of the World Cup and some of the soccer games. Last week I found out that Shakira (the Colombian singer) was singing the World Cup official song which is called "Waka Waka". I really liked the beat of the song and the video. I also liked the fact that she has to versions of the song one in Spanish and other in English..
The song's been stuck in my head since Thursday and I'm not the only one.. My sisters and even my dad have been singing the song in my house... This is the link where you guys can see her performance during the concert. just in case you missed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRDgVGHB6eM

Unfortunately, the Colombian Soccer team didn't make it to South Africa 2010.. But I feel like if we did, since we had two Colombian performers during the Concert: Shakira and Juanes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmsO-480_VY) I enjoyed watching them perform!

Also, I watched the Celtics game which were pretty good.. We have one more game to go to win the series. Right now we are 3-2. We need to go to LA and win the next game. Otherwise we have to go to game 7..

I have to admit I relaxed a lot over the weekend.. I watched a lot of TV and went to the gym.. I also went to a Colombian Event organized by the Colombian Committee of the Merrimack Valley. We gave out a $1000 scholarship to a incoming freshman in College. I had the pleasure to be in the selection committee and choose the winner.

That's all I've done for the past week. This week I will be working and wait what plans come out for the weekend. Have a nice rest of the week.   

Hi guys,

I've been behind on writing my weekly entries because I've been very busy since I finished school.. luckily me I've been busy having fun.. This past weekend I was on vacation with my family… we went to Florida for couple of days.. Also, I've been celebrating my birthday since Thursday.. My actual birthday was yesterday but I had a great surprise birthday party on Thursday afternoon.. I wasn't expected to celebrate my birthday early but my best friend who came from Colombia for two weeks and my boyfriend planned a surprise party for me ....

I had no clue about it., Thursday was a regular day for me... I went to work and then my boyfriend and I went to the mall to buy clothes for his work... I was totally clueless about what was happening in my house. That afternoon my boyfriend picked me up at school and we went to the mall together.. Then we came back, I picked up my car and we drove together home.. while driving I received a call from my sister's boyfriend inviting me to watch the Celtics  game that night.. I agreed to go to a bar or something but I didn't notice that it was very suspicious he was home.. when I got home I noticed that the parking lot was very busy.. I even told my boyfriend that but didn't suspect anything.. once a opened the door of my house I see a bunch of people with B-day hats and my dad jumping screaming "Happy Birthday".. I was in shocked... I wasn't sure what was happening... This truly was a surprise party.. There were a lot of people in my house and I was very happy to see everyone. My sisters, my boyfriend, my best friend and my parents helped out to make this happen... I loved the party and I will never forget such special time in my life..

I'm so happy to have wonderful people in my life because they always put a smile in my face... I'm getting older but every year I keep meeting people who make me happy.. that day we took a lot of pictures.. ate delicious food and had a great time.. Thursday was a long day but it was all worth it... ;)

Then, on Friday I went on vacation with my family.. we flew to Ft. Lauderdale and spent 4 days there.. The flight there was terrible.. a lot of turbulence and the weather was terrible; there were thunderstorms and lighting while we were landing.. I have to admit it but I was kind of scared.. thank god everything went well and nothing happened...

My family and I had an awesome time in FL.. we went to visit my parent's friends in a island called 'Marco Island" which I would recommend to anyone .. It's a beautiful place.. that day was very sunny and hot.. the beaches at Marco Island are beautiful.. very white sand and warm ocean.. It was so nice that we stayed there for too long, we forgot to reapply sunscreen and we all looked like lobsters afterwards.. The sunburned was brutal that it stills hurts..

We came back from Florida Monday in the morning and then I took that they off to run some errands and relax since I was very tired.. also, I needed to renew my license because it expired yesterday..

I didn't do much yesterday for my Birthday.. I just went to have sushi with my sister, her boyfriend and friends from school... I was very happy that a lot of people called me and wrote to me to wish me a Happy Birthday.....

This is pretty much all I have for today.. I just want to thank everyone for being a part of my life and for bringing happiness to it.. Enjoy this week and I will be back soon...



Hi all,

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer.. So far I've had a pretty good one.. Finally I had time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather without worrying about school.. Today I want to share with you guys what happened last week: Capstone delivery and Commencement ceremony 

Last week I mentioned I finally finished my Capstone and the paperwork required to graduate. Today I want to give you a small description of what my capstone was all about and what happened the day I delivered it.

My capstone project was called the Bubble Arm Ergometer which is an exercise machine used by disabled adults with limited attention span. This device was comprised of a bubble tube and a peddler. It can be used on top of a table or on the floor. My capstone project included a water panel that provides a display of lights and bubbles that visual reinforce the users. As long as they pedal they can enjoy a show of lights and bubbles rising to the surface of the water panel. The Bubble Arm Ergometer also included an MP3 player that enables the user to listen to music while exercising. The adults who daily visit Bridgewell, the center where I delivered my capstone to, have poor motor skills and usually spend their day sitting. The main purpose of my capstone project was to promote fitness for the clients in this center by improving their overall health and body strength. Everyone at Bridgewell was very excited when they saw my project and they loved it. They said I followed every detail and requirement. I was very happy to hear them talk and see their smiles; they even asked me if they could give my name to a PR agent she can write an article about my experience with capstone and Bridgewell.

Also, I had a great time during graduation… It was very nice to share that moment with the people who I’ve been with for the past four years, especially my best friends Carlos and Simon… I had the opportunity to share this moment with my family, my best friend from Colombia, my boyfriend, my sister’s boyfriend and my mom’s friend. The ceremony was great, we had great speakers.. Also, my friend Allison delivered the Commencement speech which in my opinion I think she did a great job. Allison touched main points about UML and activities going on during the academic year…

The ceremony ended around 1pm and then we went to the white tents to meet with the department faculty and other classmates… I enjoyed taking pictures with everyone and wishing them the best in their future endeavors.

I’m very happy of being part of UML, it was a great experience which I will be living for the next year. I’ll be back later this week from Florida.. I’m going on a small trip with my family.. Enjoy the rest of the week and thank you for reading my blog.



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