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Hey Guys, 

I had on mind that I was gonna write my blog tomorrow Friday since it's the only day I don't have anything due the next morning. But I'm sitting here in my desk trying to do some homework and I can't really focus. I've been trying to work on my captone project, which is the final design project for engineering majors, and I can't really get anything done. So, I decided to sit down and write my weekly blog. This way I can focus on something and relax at the same time, it would make me feel better because I'm not wasting my time and instead I'm doing something productive.

Being an engineering major means living a very busy life, and I complaint sometimes about it but when I have free time I go NUTS.. I don't really know what to do and I get a littlle bit frustrated, that's why I look for something to do... Actually, I really like being busy, it keeps me active and I get a lot of work and things done.

Weeks here at UML are flying by (to me), we are about to finish the fifht week and Spring Break is around the corner (I can't wait)!!!! I will be soon finishing finals and graduating ;) But for now I just need to study and keep up the hard work. My days have not changed much, I wake up, go to the gym, classes, work, homework, eat and sleep. I really like this routine, it keeps me active and with a lot of energy to go through the days.

This weekend I'm planning to chill with my friends, go home spend time with my family and fill out the FAFSA application for next year... I hope this rain stops so I can have a nice weekend!

Enjoy your weekend! ;)

Hello guys!

As I write this, I'm trying to spend some time with my roommates since I haven't been able to hang out with them in a while. This was a short week but I was a busy one. I have set up my schedule in such a way that I can go to the gym at least four times a week, go to classes, work, go to social events and do school homework.  On Wednesday I went to the "Order of Engineer" and got my Engineer's Ring which represents my responsibilitites as an engineer to the public and to my profession.

It's been a pretty busy week but I feel great for the fact that I have managed my time very wisely. I am very proud of all the small efforts I do everyday. Actually, couple of weeks ago I was on my computer and I decided to search some motivational quotes and I came across to one that really has motivated me since then.  And here it go: "Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in and day out" This quote has motivated me a lot and I think that's how I was able to do so many things this week.

I hope I keep working the way I've done it so far, school is getting hard and we are getting closer to exams. I already had couple of quizzes and in about a week I will have my first exam

This weekend I'm planning to get as much work as I can, try to go visit my family and relax for a while, a movie would be perfect.

These are my updates for this week, I hope you guys enjoy the weekend! ;)


V-Day Weekend

Hello Everyone

I can't believe it's been already three weeks since we started school. Shortly, we will start exams, presentations and projects. The only thing that makes me smile is to know that the more weeks pass by, the closer I'm getting to graduation.

I've had a good weekend so far. The fun started right away after my classes on Friday. I went to the Eggroll cafe to see my friend's exhibit and I spent some time with friends that night. It was nice to hang out with my old roommate. Yesterday, me and my boyfriend had a long day, we were driving around to go meet with couple of people. We drove from Andover, to Lynn, then to Dochester and finally we ended up in Haverhill. We went to a Colombian party organized by the Colombian Committee of the Merrimack Valley.  I had a good time with him and my family.

I'm hoping to have a good time today that is Valentine's Day. After that I will start doing some school that I have due this week.

I hope everyone has a good long weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Fun weekend!



I decided that since I've studied very hard for the past two weeks, I deserved some time for myself. After a long day on Friday some friends and I went to the Riverhawks's hockey game. What a game! It was very exciting. Unfortunately we lost 2-3 against Boston University but we had couple of chances to tie the game which made it very entertaining. There was a lot of people at the game, specially UML students. Looks like the school spirit has increased at school. Activities like this one makes members of the UML community come together and share a common goal. 

Yesterday afternoon I was running some errands and doing some homework. At night my boyfriend and I met up with couple of friends and went to a club in Boston. It was very cold last night but I had a blast with everyone. Since I've been having a little too much fun this weekend, I woke up this morning and started to do some school work. It has been only two weeks since we started college but I already have a lot to do. I can't afford to party all the time during my last semester as an undergrad but I really needed to relax :)

So far I have been very persistant with the idea of going to the gym. Every morning I wake up early and go before my classes. Looks like I'm going to keep this up and that makes me very happy!!!

Ok, this is all I have for this week. I'm going to keep watching the Super Bowl, I can't wait for the funny comercials! Who do you think is going to win? 

Have a fun week! 

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