Time is running out




There are a lot of things going on and very little time to complete them. I was just told that I need to have a complete written thesis in about three weeks. Three weeks??? Yes, I can't even believe it. I have a lot to do still. I have something but not too much and I still need hours to write and finish my thesis. I've been wondering: Am I going to finish and be on time to graduate? It looks impossible but I'm really going to try my best. I know that hard work really pays off and I'm going work non-stop to meet this deadline. 


At the same time, I realized how fast time goes by. It's been five years in UML that have passed in a blink of an eye. I still remember my freshman year like if it was yesterday. Thinking about this makes me appreciate my day to day life, and instead of complaining about all the work load I have and the deadlines I need to meet I should appreciate what I have and live the moment. Always having a positive attitude and a smile on my face help me overcome the obstacles I encounter on the way. 


Iíve had a great experience at UML these past five years. Leaving UML is going to be hard but a lot of memories are going to come with me. I learned a lot and I was exposed to many things that I have never before. Itís been 5 crazy years but Iím very thankful of having the opportunity to come to college and learn from many people. I bring with me a lot of knowledge, friends, mentors and more.


~ Paula



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