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There's a wise quote from Abraham Lincoln that says:

I found this quote when I was thinking about my mom. Yesterday was her 55th Birthday and she was very happy. She received phone calls from Colombia, Facebook messages and we invited her to the Blue Man Show after having dinner in Scollay Square in Boston. She really enjoyed herself with my dad, my sisters and our boyfriends. She was smiling all day long!

My mom has had tough moments in her life like moving to a new country where  the culture and language is totally different than what she's used to. Even all the challenges she has lived, she always has a smile in her face and she's very charismatic. She has always said that she is not old because she doesn't feel like that. She thinks that people "feel as young or as old as they choose to feel" I really think this is right!

My mom's words resembles Lincoln's words. People should focus on putting life to their years than years to their life. This way they can make their daily life more enjoyable. Life is short, there should be no room or opportunity to make it miserable. 

Have a nice week!

~ Paula

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