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Time is running out




There are a lot of things going on and very little time to complete them. I was just told that I need to have a complete written thesis in about three weeks. Three weeks??? Yes, I can't even believe it. I have a lot to do still. I have something but not too much and I still need hours to write and finish my thesis. I've been wondering: Am I going to finish and be on time to graduate? It looks impossible but I'm really going to try my best. I know that hard work really pays off and I'm going work non-stop to meet this deadline. 


At the same time, I realized how fast time goes by. It's been five years in UML that have passed in a blink of an eye. I still remember my freshman year like if it was yesterday. Thinking about this makes me appreciate my day to day life, and instead of complaining about all the work load I have and the deadlines I need to meet I should appreciate what I have and live the moment. Always having a positive attitude and a smile on my face help me overcome the obstacles I encounter on the way. 


Iíve had a great experience at UML these past five years. Leaving UML is going to be hard but a lot of memories are going to come with me. I learned a lot and I was exposed to many things that I have never before. Itís been 5 crazy years but Iím very thankful of having the opportunity to come to college and learn from many people. I bring with me a lot of knowledge, friends, mentors and more.


~ Paula



Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break. We can't complain about last week's weather. I heard it was 71F in Massachusetts. I wasn't here because I went to upstate New York with my parents and boyfriend. It was also nice up there but it didn't reach the 70s.

It was hard for me to come back to school after relaxing for couple of days. I have a lot of things to do, not even mention my thesis. I have two midterms this week, lab reports to grade and a midterm to give to the two classes I teach. Other than school related stuff, today I've been just going through my personal finances and figuring out how much debt I have and how I'm going to pay it off. It's not too much but I still needed to sit down and figure out what I need to do to keep a good credit which is something very important in this country. Having a good credit report is needed everywhere, to rent an apartment and even get a good job. People really look into that to know more about yourself. 

After today I'm planning to work non-stop on my thesis and focus on school work. Couple of more weeks left and I want to finish strong and motivated. I'm getting to a point of frustration that I don't want to be in for a long time. That's why I'm trying to plan everything ahead and not run into much problems.. ;)

Today the weather is not a Spring weather but Spring is coming soon. Enjoy everyday and have fun!

Talk to you guys next week. ;)

~ Paula

Spring Fun


It's Spring Break week!!! I hope many of you get to relax and have some fun this week. A lot of people are going on a Spring Break trip with their friends to the most typical places to spend this week in. Many people choose Florida, Mexico and Dominican Republic to get out of this cold weather and get to have a nice tan... 

I've never been able to go on a trip during Spring Break. I have had so much work accumulated for this week that I'm unable to take the entire week off and fly somewhere. However, I always try to find time for myself and relax, that way I can start fresh the week after.   

One of my goals for this week is to make a lot of progress on my thesis and get results that I can work with, this way I can start writing it and finish by the first week of April. I''ve been working as much as I can on it but not much progress yet. I'm also planning on taking a small trip with my parents and boyfriend to find a place to live once I graduate from college and move to upstate New York. 

I hope all of you guys enjoy this week and recharge your batteries. We have already gone through half of this semester and the next weeks are going to fly away. 

Have fun ;)

~ Paula

Live your Life


There's a wise quote from Abraham Lincoln that says:

I found this quote when I was thinking about my mom. Yesterday was her 55th Birthday and she was very happy. She received phone calls from Colombia, Facebook messages and we invited her to the Blue Man Show after having dinner in Scollay Square in Boston. She really enjoyed herself with my dad, my sisters and our boyfriends. She was smiling all day long!

My mom has had tough moments in her life like moving to a new country where  the culture and language is totally different than what she's used to. Even all the challenges she has lived, she always has a smile in her face and she's very charismatic. She has always said that she is not old because she doesn't feel like that. She thinks that people "feel as young or as old as they choose to feel" I really think this is right!

My mom's words resembles Lincoln's words. People should focus on putting life to their years than years to their life. This way they can make their daily life more enjoyable. Life is short, there should be no room or opportunity to make it miserable. 

Have a nice week!

~ Paula

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