No time to relax

There are so many things running through my head. I have classes and a thesis to write. I'm getting really overwhelmed with all the work I have and I'm trying to stay motivated but why am I having such a hard time??? I've been really trying to do as much as I can day in and day out but I still feel I haven't progress much. Last week I was everyday in the lab until late, some days I slept couple of hours. Since I worked very hard over the week I decided to take the weekend off but when I came back to school, I felt I'm so behind with all the work I need to get done. 

It's very important to me to take some breaks and relax; otherwise, my mind would go crazy. But I'm feeling that this semester there's no room to relax. I really need to find a way to motivate myself and keep working hard. I know I will be laughing about it in couple of months when I look back but I'm not really looking forward to all the stress and frustration that's coming my way. 

I had the same feeling last year when I was working on my capstone project. I had a lot of work and all I could think of day and night was how to finish it. I would even have dreams about it. Remembering those days just makes me laugh, but I guess this is a life cycle I need to go through to accomplish this important goal in my life. 

What's very important now is not to lose focus and work as hard as I can. It will be worth it. To stay motivated I've been visualizing myself finishing and supporting my thesis, really looking forward to that moment inspires me and helps me through this process. I also think about people who I admire for their self-motivation. My boyfriend is one of those who sets a goal and accomplish it no matter what. I really like that and it helps me not to give up. 

My advise today is that if you have lost motivation just look for someone you admire and look what they have accomplish because everyone is capable of doing the same. 

Enjoy this week! We are one week closer to Spring ;)

~ Paula

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