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No time to relax

There are so many things running through my head. I have classes and a thesis to write. I'm getting really overwhelmed with all the work I have and I'm trying to stay motivated but why am I having such a hard time??? I've been really trying to do as much as I can day in and day out but I still feel I haven't progress much. Last week I was everyday in the lab until late, some days I slept couple of hours. Since I worked very hard over the week I decided to take the weekend off but when I came back to school, I felt I'm so behind with all the work I need to get done. 

It's very important to me to take some breaks and relax; otherwise, my mind would go crazy. But I'm feeling that this semester there's no room to relax. I really need to find a way to motivate myself and keep working hard. I know I will be laughing about it in couple of months when I look back but I'm not really looking forward to all the stress and frustration that's coming my way. 

I had the same feeling last year when I was working on my capstone project. I had a lot of work and all I could think of day and night was how to finish it. I would even have dreams about it. Remembering those days just makes me laugh, but I guess this is a life cycle I need to go through to accomplish this important goal in my life. 

What's very important now is not to lose focus and work as hard as I can. It will be worth it. To stay motivated I've been visualizing myself finishing and supporting my thesis, really looking forward to that moment inspires me and helps me through this process. I also think about people who I admire for their self-motivation. My boyfriend is one of those who sets a goal and accomplish it no matter what. I really like that and it helps me not to give up. 

My advise today is that if you have lost motivation just look for someone you admire and look what they have accomplish because everyone is capable of doing the same. 

Enjoy this week! We are one week closer to Spring ;)

~ Paula

Thesis Madness

Hi guys, 

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. I've been taking advantage of this weekend to do as much school work as I can. I only took Saturday off to go Paintballing with SHPE. Since I'm the president of the club I decided to have a social activity with all the members so we can have fun and at the same time get people interested to take a leadership role in the organization. Right now the e-board members are only graduate students and we need to find a new e-board for next year. Paintballing was a fun activity and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was really relaxing to me and made me forget  for a moment all the school work I have. 

Since I took Saturday off I needed to come back to work on my thesis. The main purpose of my thesis is to find a new way for medical imaging. There are many technologies available for medical purposes such as X-rays and MRIs. However, These technologies have been found to be not too good for the health of human beings. X-ray radiation can modified the DNA of human beings. Being exposed to such technologies can reduced the health of a person. 

In my research lab we have been looking for ways on how to substitute x-rays for something less dangerous. We have found that infrared technology helps to see through human tissue but the final image is very noisy. Here comes the main purpose of my thesis, in order to reduce this noise I'm looking into ways to still keep using infrared light but reducing the scattering. This way more information can be obtained from the human tissue when looking at it. 

At first my thesis was to find a new method to measure the blood pressure of a person by looking at the pulsation of the blood vessels. However, it was very hard to see this pulsation with a CCD camera. For this reason, I had to switch gears and take my thesis into a different direction.  Now, I'm running multiple test to show that my way reduces the noise of the image when looking through human tissue. Once I get results I will be able to start writing my thesis and get it done by the end of next month which is the deadline. 

I just wanted to share with you guys a brief description of what I'm trying to accomplish for my thesis. I can't wait to finish it and defend it by the end of semester. I'm really looking forward to that moment ;)

~ Paula
Hi guys, 

Not many things have changed. School is not necessarily getting harder but definitely it's getting time consuming. I'm taking three graduate classes and thesis. My classes are at night and one at 2pm on Thursday. This means that I have no need to wake up early on class except on Tuesday and Thursday when I teach my class for Circuits Lab. I'm trying to wake up early everyday and work as much as I can on my thesis. I've been having at least 12hour days, that includes homework, classes and work. It's been a very busy semester from start and I know it will be like this until the end of the semester or at least until I finish my thesis. 

What is taking most of my time is working on my thesis. Sometimes I feel I've been going around circles. I've been having a hard time to decide in which direction to go to finish it. I have an idea in my mind one day and then I change it. I know what I'm trying to accomplish but I've been unclear on how to do it. I think I started to figure it out just now. I know once I have a clear idea on what steps to take I will be able to finish fast. I'm looking forward with excitement to that moment when I can finally say "I'm done"  I can't wait to walk across the stage on May during graduation. 

School is taking a lot of our time but still we should take some time to relax and do something fun. I always take this advise because it helped me be more proactive. I worked very hard over the week so I can have a weekend where I can totally forget about school. I usually go home with no books and plan activities with my family and boyfriend. I had a great time this past weekend, I celebrated V-Day with my boyfriend and chilled with my mom. I also had dinner with my friend who came from DC. 

This is all for today. I hope you guys had an awesome V-Day weekend as well!

Happy Valentine's Day!

~ Paula

Super Bowl Highlights


I hope many of you enjoyed Super Bowl XLV. I had a good time following the game, watching the commercials and the half-time show. There were good commercials last night, one of my favorites is the Volkswagen Passat commercial with the kid dressed up as Darth Vader trying to move things making hand gestures. I think it was really cute to see the kid's body language when his dad started the car and he thought he had done it himself. I didn't see the kid's face but only with the the slight motion I could tell he was surprised and couldn't believe what he had just done... 

There were many more funny ones and others not much but I think overall it was a pretty good Super Bowl. I liked the half-time show and I really loved the dancers' outfits. I liked all the figures they made and that their outfits changed colors... I'd like one day to be able to attend an event like this one, it looks like a lot of fun... 

If you guys didn't watch the game or didn't see all the commercials, here's the link where you can see them... 

Have a nice week!

~ Paula

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