Ups and Downs


I decided to title my blog "Ups and Downs" because I was a little frustrated working on my master's thesis. It's hard to ask for help and not being helped the way you wanted or expect someone to act the same way you do. That's why I think there's many ups and downs in life but I'm happy to know that I have a lot of people around me who support me at any time. Many of these people have taught me how to make myself feel better. 

While I was kinda sad I open an application on my iPhone and I read the quote for today. It was "The two main keys for positive change in my life is self-approval and self-acceptance. I know that these qualities work to make my life the best i can be ~ Louise Hay" It immediately shocked me and I started thinking that this quote was perfect for me today... I sometimes want to be able to do everything and when I can't I get very frustrated, specially when I ask for help and I'm not being helped the same way I help others... 

When I get stuck in a problem and I'm unable to solve it I start doubting about my skills.When I feel like this I ask myself if I had put my best effort into it... Then I realize that I'm being hard on myself, I always but my best effort and instead of having second thought about my abilities I should appreciate the effort I make and keep trying my best. 

So if you ever feel like this, stop for a second and think about the good things you have done and the goals you have achieved... I'm pretty sure that will help you feel much better... ;) 

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