New Year's Resolution


Hello everyone... 

We have already started a new year and I'm still getting used to it... I was writing the date in my lab notebook today and I wrote the following 1/4/10... I'm still living in 2010.. lol... 
While I was thinking this, I remembered that my sister came home early yesterday from work and I was kind of surprised, so I asked her why she was home so early and she said that since it's the first week of the year everyone was at the gym and she wouldn't hit any traffic back home.. 
I thoguht she was only joking but it was true.. she usually hits traffic on route 495 at 5pm and yesterday there were few cars on the highway... 

This was an interesting fact so I decided to do some research and find out the top 10 resolutions of the New Year and here they are:

1. Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape
2. Stick to a Budget
3. Reduce Financial Debt
4. Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends
5. Find a Soul Mate
6. Quit Smoking
7. Find a Better Job
8. Learn Something New
9. Volunteer and Help Others
10. Get Organized

Many of these resolutions apply to me and many I have already accomplished. I definitely need to reduce my debt.. It's no too much but I'm planning to be debt free by the end of the year and I can accomplish this by being organized and work hard in the awesome job I was offered... 

I think all these resolutions are very valuable and all are targeted to better you as a person and as a worker... One resolution will lead to the other or will need from each other to accomplish it... 

I really like the resolution that people are interested in learning something new because this eager to learn something will lead you to an eager to learn something new everyday one after the other... This way we can be better everyday.... 

I think that no matter what you're resolution is but how you plan to accomplish it and how you see yourself accomplishing it is what really matters... if you have a strong mind and you are willing to do what it takes to accomplish it you will achieve all your goals... 

I wish you all the best this year accomplishing those goals... 

Remember to also have fun!!!!

~ Paula

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