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There are some weeks I have a lot of things to talk about but some others that I find it sort of difficult... Today is a week like that... I've been doing pretty much the same routine for the past few weeks... I've worked on my thesis at school for several hours a week and on weekends I try to find a different activity to do... I went skiing a week ago and this weekend I went clubbing... I had a lot of fun and I got to see my friends.... 

When I sat down today and thought about what I could blog about I really wanted to talk about something different... I've been in front of my computer for several minutes and nothing come up to my mind... Then I just decided to google "blogging ideas" and a pretty interesting article came up... I read it and the author offers a 100 different titles for blog entries, one of them is "How I find Blogging Ideas" . This really called my attention and I thought it could be a good topic for my blog today.... 

My best resource to come up with ideas for my blog is to go online and read articles in the news or look for cool quotes to talk about... I also like checking out UML Today to read about what activities are going on in school or deadlines that are approaching.... Doing some research before hand helps me to brainstorm ideas to write a blog enjoyable to me and interesting to you all... 

~ Paula B



Anonymous said:

As a blog owner myself, I share your pain! Somedays the ideas are everywhere.. just pick the low hanging fruit. Other times it takes a little inspiration. I've found Google Trends or Yahoo's trending topics lists to be invaluable for inspiration. When in doubt, head over to Huffington Post and weigh in on something you're opinionated on.

rohan said:

Thanks for the awesome post, u resonate the thoughts of thousands of serious bloggers who face a writers block, including me!! it happens to all of us.
I recently made an article on blogging ideas and how to get them and how to use search engine keywords to gain maximum exposure to your blog and i would be more than happy to give you a reference since you relate to the essence of the post!
Thanks again! sending you a trackback right away!

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