Get UML's Calendar in your Google Calendar


I was recently updating my class schedule and making an schedule for the lab I work in and I realize that this is a good opportunity to introduce many of you to Google calendar and make a good use of it. 

Google calendar is just a regular calendar where you can keep yourself organize, i'm not sure if you need to have a gmail email account but I do. In Google calendar you can add your classes, appointments and meetings. You can even make different calendars for different purposes. What I really like about it is that I can share my calendar with other people and vice versa. This way it makes it easier in case I need to track someone down and his schedule has changed recently. I can get updated information about someone's calendar all the time. 

Also, this tool has helped keep track of school deadlines such start day, add/drop period and more. What you have to do is to look for the UMass Lowell calendar in their public calendars and add it to your own... Isn't this cool? I think it really helps!  This is how I noticed that this Friday February 4th is the last day to add/drop classes to get a full refund. 

I'm still getting used to this calendar. Every day I discover new settings. I really like it because I can link it to my iPhone calendars or get the Google calendar application. 

I hope this is useful information to you guys as much it is to me... 
Talk to you guys next week!

~ Paula

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