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I was recently updating my class schedule and making an schedule for the lab I work in and I realize that this is a good opportunity to introduce many of you to Google calendar and make a good use of it. 

Google calendar is just a regular calendar where you can keep yourself organize, i'm not sure if you need to have a gmail email account but I do. In Google calendar you can add your classes, appointments and meetings. You can even make different calendars for different purposes. What I really like about it is that I can share my calendar with other people and vice versa. This way it makes it easier in case I need to track someone down and his schedule has changed recently. I can get updated information about someone's calendar all the time. 

Also, this tool has helped keep track of school deadlines such start day, add/drop period and more. What you have to do is to look for the UMass Lowell calendar in their public calendars and add it to your own... Isn't this cool? I think it really helps!  This is how I noticed that this Friday February 4th is the last day to add/drop classes to get a full refund. 

I'm still getting used to this calendar. Every day I discover new settings. I really like it because I can link it to my iPhone calendars or get the Google calendar application. 

I hope this is useful information to you guys as much it is to me... 
Talk to you guys next week!

~ Paula

Ups and Downs


I decided to title my blog "Ups and Downs" because I was a little frustrated working on my master's thesis. It's hard to ask for help and not being helped the way you wanted or expect someone to act the same way you do. That's why I think there's many ups and downs in life but I'm happy to know that I have a lot of people around me who support me at any time. Many of these people have taught me how to make myself feel better. 

While I was kinda sad I open an application on my iPhone and I read the quote for today. It was "The two main keys for positive change in my life is self-approval and self-acceptance. I know that these qualities work to make my life the best i can be ~ Louise Hay" It immediately shocked me and I started thinking that this quote was perfect for me today... I sometimes want to be able to do everything and when I can't I get very frustrated, specially when I ask for help and I'm not being helped the same way I help others... 

When I get stuck in a problem and I'm unable to solve it I start doubting about my skills.When I feel like this I ask myself if I had put my best effort into it... Then I realize that I'm being hard on myself, I always but my best effort and instead of having second thought about my abilities I should appreciate the effort I make and keep trying my best. 

So if you ever feel like this, stop for a second and think about the good things you have done and the goals you have achieved... I'm pretty sure that will help you feel much better... ;) 

There are some weeks I have a lot of things to talk about but some others that I find it sort of difficult... Today is a week like that... I've been doing pretty much the same routine for the past few weeks... I've worked on my thesis at school for several hours a week and on weekends I try to find a different activity to do... I went skiing a week ago and this weekend I went clubbing... I had a lot of fun and I got to see my friends.... 

When I sat down today and thought about what I could blog about I really wanted to talk about something different... I've been in front of my computer for several minutes and nothing come up to my mind... Then I just decided to google "blogging ideas" and a pretty interesting article came up... I read it and the author offers a 100 different titles for blog entries, one of them is "How I find Blogging Ideas" . This really called my attention and I thought it could be a good topic for my blog today.... 

My best resource to come up with ideas for my blog is to go online and read articles in the news or look for cool quotes to talk about... I also like checking out UML Today to read about what activities are going on in school or deadlines that are approaching.... Doing some research before hand helps me to brainstorm ideas to write a blog enjoyable to me and interesting to you all... 

~ Paula B


An Interesting Boston Tradition

Hi Everyone....

I hope you guys had a good weekend and are getting ready for this week's snowstorm.. We are supposed to get about a feet of snow starting tomorrow night until Wednesday afternoon...

Many of you may not know this and I just found out about it... It happens that there's a very interesting Boston tradition and yesterday it was the Fourth year this tradition has been alive... 

"No Pants Subway Ride" is an event that consists of people riding the T (Red Line) wearing no pants. Here is some explanation of this event by Wikipedia:

     "In this event, members of the group enter a subway car at consecutive stops without pants in the middle of winter. Participants pretend that they do not know each other and if asked, claim that they simply "forgot" their pants. The first No Pants Subway Ride took place in 2002 with seven riders and has grown since then. In 2009 over 1,200 people participated in New York and over 1,000 more participated in 21 other cities around the world. "

I'd like to participate one day in this event.. I think it's different and very entertaining... I just hope I will remember next year exactly when it is and not the day after!!! 

Have a nice week!

~ Paula 

New Year's Resolution


Hello everyone... 

We have already started a new year and I'm still getting used to it... I was writing the date in my lab notebook today and I wrote the following 1/4/10... I'm still living in 2010.. lol... 
While I was thinking this, I remembered that my sister came home early yesterday from work and I was kind of surprised, so I asked her why she was home so early and she said that since it's the first week of the year everyone was at the gym and she wouldn't hit any traffic back home.. 
I thoguht she was only joking but it was true.. she usually hits traffic on route 495 at 5pm and yesterday there were few cars on the highway... 

This was an interesting fact so I decided to do some research and find out the top 10 resolutions of the New Year and here they are:

1. Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape
2. Stick to a Budget
3. Reduce Financial Debt
4. Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends
5. Find a Soul Mate
6. Quit Smoking
7. Find a Better Job
8. Learn Something New
9. Volunteer and Help Others
10. Get Organized

Many of these resolutions apply to me and many I have already accomplished. I definitely need to reduce my debt.. It's no too much but I'm planning to be debt free by the end of the year and I can accomplish this by being organized and work hard in the awesome job I was offered... 

I think all these resolutions are very valuable and all are targeted to better you as a person and as a worker... One resolution will lead to the other or will need from each other to accomplish it... 

I really like the resolution that people are interested in learning something new because this eager to learn something will lead you to an eager to learn something new everyday one after the other... This way we can be better everyday.... 

I think that no matter what you're resolution is but how you plan to accomplish it and how you see yourself accomplishing it is what really matters... if you have a strong mind and you are willing to do what it takes to accomplish it you will achieve all your goals... 

I wish you all the best this year accomplishing those goals... 

Remember to also have fun!!!!

~ Paula

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