Finals Time: Some Friendly tips

Hi guys, 

This semester is pretty much over.. A lot of people are already getting ready to survive finals week... I wanted to share some ideas on how we can survive these crazy couple of weeks....

1. Find a place where you feel comfortable studying and where you might not be easily distracted... It can be the library, an empty classroom, or a lab

2. Get involved in group study sessions. Just get together with friends or classmates and help each other out... You can also bring some food to make sure everyone has the same energy all the time...

3. Make notes with key words you can easily remember. If you're class requires a lot of math just do a lot problems. Remember, we have a tutoring center where they can help you clarify any confusion you may have.

4. Have a good night sleep the day before

5. If you get too stressed out just do some exercise.., Running helps me to relax and makes me feel much better afterwards... It a great way to recharge batteries. 

I hope these tips help you throughout the following weeks... 

Have a nice rest of the week... 

Paula ;) 

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