Dancing, Studying and Debugging

What's up guys?

I hope everyone had a nice weekend... I had a long and interesting weekend.. I've been partying, studying a lot and working on a project due tomorrow... I've been very busy and entertained throughout my weekend... 

My weekend actually started last Thursday when I went to a Benny Bennassi party in Boston. I didn't know who he was but my boyfriend and his friends were very excited to go see him. As soon as they mentioned it to me I supposed that he was a famous electro house DJ and I wasn't wrong.. Benny Benassi is an Italian DJ well known in Europe... I actually have heard his music before... Do you guys recall "satisfaction"? That's actually his most famous hit. I'm not a fan of this type of music but I enjoyed it to the fullest.. I really had a good time with my friends... 

Then on Friday I just worked on my lab and started studying for my Mobile Communication Networks class test for tomorrow night. This is a very interesting class but there was a lot of material to cover.. We are allowed to have a cheat sheet and it took me several hours going through the material and making my cheat sheet... I thought I would never finish it.. Just until today I'm finally ready to take the exam... 

After Friday my weekend kept on going... Last night (Saturday) I went to a Colombian Party organized by the Colombian Committee of the Merrimack Valley. It was a great night, we honored the Independence of Cartagena (one of the main cities in Colombia and a very touristic one). We had great food and music.. I had a great time dancing merengue, salsa, bachata and more with my family, friends and boyfriend.. 

Finally, today is my last day of this long weekend.. I just spent it doing homework and finishing by lab.. I have to confess that I started watching TV and it's taking me longer than what it should've but at least I finished...

I'm going to end my weekend with watching the Patriots game tonight.. They're playing the Steelers and the have the same record (6-2)... I hope we win!!!

This was all for this weekend... I hope everyone enjoyed it too and have a lot of energy to start a new week! 

Have fun and see you next week!   ;)

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