An advise to future UML students

Hey guys, 

There are some things I wish someone told me when I was a freshman in school. This weekend we had a small Open House in the College of Engineering. The main purpose of this Open House was to showcase many of the labs and research groups in school. The Electrical Engineering Department invited my research group to open the doors of our lab and share our projects with future UML students. 

Many kids came along with the parents in this tour around our department. We showed them what our research is all about and how we got to where we are. We also had the chance to talk to them and their parents as well about our experience in school. In our talk we emphasized the importance of getting involved in school to get certain skills that are hardly taught in the classroom. Being involved in research groups or student organizations helps you in the long run. 

We encouraged them to build a relationship with their professors and get involved in a research lab. Being part of a research group is an experience that helps you not only to strengthen your technical skills but also to build other skills you are going to need when working in a company. Skills such as learning how to be a team player and meet work under pressure to meet deadlines are critical when joining the workforce.  

I had a great time talking to future students and their parents. I hope that they take my advise and all the opportunities available in school. Don't be afraid to ask professors if you can get involved in their research lab or a project, it's worth it. 

Enjoy your week and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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