"College is the best time of your life"

Hello guys, 

I want to start today with a quote I found online: "College is the best time of your life". I might not be feeling this quote much today because I had a long and a very busy one and the rest of my week does not look any better... I had a test today and I thought that studying for it wasn't gonna take much time but it did.. There was a lot of material to study and I almost run out of time... At least I think I did good on it.. I wished I started studying earlier, that way I could've gone to the gym this morning and not be so stressed out all day.. But well, there's nothing I can do at this time...

Right now graduate school is not that hard but I'm getting busy with all the projects I have assigned.. They're all cool projects but they take a lot of time...The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy as well... I have reports and labs due but I also need to work on my thesis for my master's degree... And I know for a fact that I will be busy because I'm going away the next two weekends. I'll be in Washington D.C and Cincinnati, One of these trips is to represent UML in the USA Science and Engineering Fair and the other one to participate in the SHPE Conference (The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers), a club where I belong to since my freshmen year. 

I may not be sounding too excited about college but after all this craziness goes away I will be looking back and laugh about it. That's why I think College is the best time of your life... It's a moment in our lives where we get to share with a lot of people and learn on the every day basis..College is an experience that we will always remember...

You guys may be experiencing the same stress and frustration I feel sometime but just keep moving forward that one day you will look back and laugh about it... The idea is to look into the future and finish what we have started... 

That's all for today.. Enjoy the rest of the week and good luck with all the assignments you guys have due....

Thanks for reading! Yu guys are more than welcome to send me any comments... :)  

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