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Autumn... A wonderful season

Hello guys, 

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful days and weather we've had lately. The weekend was beautiful, then it rained for two days and today is nice again... It's a little crazy this weather but the sudden climatology changes dress New England with different colors... I really enjoy the Fall season, not because it gets me sick (allergies) but because the colors of the trees put a smile on my face.. 

This past weekend I was invited to a weeding in Adams, MA which is about 3hrs away from Lowell. We got a GPS and it took us through side roads. The ride was a little longer but the view was worth it. It was a sunny day with blue sky and red, yellow and green mountains. The wedding was a little further than what I expected but I had a great time and I really enjoyed the place. 

I think Autumn is a great season and beautiful as well. I know that the Fall reminds you that summer is over but the temperature is perfect and it reminds me a lot of where I'm from with the exception that here the leaves of the trees fall down... 

I imagine many of you may not like this season but I encourage you to try to enjoy it.. 

Have a nice rest of the week!!!

Time is running out!

Hello guys, 

Here I am once again.. This may sound hard to believe but I'm actually having fun at school!!! Grad school is really awesome.. I'm enjoying the classes I'm taking. The good thing about grad school is that you only have three core classes to take and the rest you choose them depending on your concentration.. You don't have to go to classes that are not of interest to you and that sometimes can become very boring...

What i like the most about the classes I'm taking which are Advanced Digital System Design. Microprocessors II and Mobile Communication systems, is that each one of them requires hands-on work and a project.. Which in my case is very helpful to learn.. I'm the type of person who learns more with experience... and having the opportunity to work in projects and do research helps me a lot to understand the concepts.. 

For example, in my Advanced Digital System Design I' going to build my own CPU and create my own instructions, which means that I'm basically making the processor or a computer by creating the necessary hardware to run software in it... How cool is that??? I'm also going to learn how mobile communication works and the types existing nowadays such as 2G and 3G... 

I'm very happy with school right now but I realized I'm running out of time with respect to finding a full-time job... I may be exaggerating right now but anyone who is graduating this semester or the next one should start looking for a job now... yesterday the Career and Co-Op center at school opened their doors to offer internships, Co-Ops, resume makeover, mock interviews and more... Go to their website or stop by Southwick 328 and take advantage of this opportunity.

Ok, I just wanted to give you a heads-up of the opportunities at the Career Services office and how great is grad school!!!

Thank you for reading my blogs!!!!

I wish you guys a good rest of the week!!!

Summer is Gone!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope you guys had a good weekend and got to enjoy the nice weather we had.. I can't believe we have been in school for already two weeks.. time really flies by... I've heard a lot of people talking about labs, quizzes and deadlines... At this time we should all switched our gears and put them on the "school" mode... 

So far grad school hasn't been bad at all. Having classes at night once a week leaves me room to do more stuff than I usually would do... I've had enough time to workout every day and go for a run.. So far I've been able to balance my school, work and social life... I know this life style I've had the past two weeks might not last too much but the more I do at the beginning is the best... 

I'm really enjoying my classes right now, they are very interesting and they require a lot of hands-on work which I love.. I learn the most when I get do it stuff and as my professor says "get my hands dirty"... I'm looking forward to the end of semester because I will be building my own PC and embedded system... 

OK, this is all for this week.. I hope you guys are enjoying your classes as well... 
See you next week!!!

Long weekend, short week ahead


I hope you guys are enjoying Labor Day.. As of me I'm just relaxing and doing some work I need to get done.. But I really enjoyed this weekend.. My friends and I had a small party in the new apartments the school got this year.. and I can't lie, these apartments are really nice... They have a huge common area and a really nice kitchen...Granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors...

For the rest of my weekend I spent it with couple of friends and I enjoyed breakfast with my family this morning.. I enjoyed going home and seeing my family.. I have a good time every time I go there...

This week is going to be short but I'm planning to organize my time wisely so I can get everything done.. The more I do during the first weeks of school is going to make the other weeks much easier to go through!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week and the nice weather we are still having!!!!

Until next week.....

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Hi guys,

So here we are, today was the first day of classes and it was a good day after all. I had two classes, one of them is going to be very interesting and the second one got canceled. I didn't post my entry earlier because I wanted to share my first day of classes and what I have done since move-in day. As I said before I wanted to go to as many activities the school had organized for Opening Week. I enjoyed the outdoor movie, went to BBQs, got free goodies and had a good time with friends. I've seen many new faces around campus, I can't recognize many of them but I've felt a really good energy in school.

I like the fact that everyone is enjoying their first days in school and the wonderful weather we have had lately. I've seen a lot of people chilling in front of the residence halls and getting to know each other...

There are still many activities going on campus and I recommend you guys to try to go to them... They've been really fun!!!!

See you next week!

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