Don't Miss the Opening Week at UML

Hi guys, 

I hope everything is going well.. So here we are, only two weeks before we start school again... I've been getting some emails about all the activities going on campus during the first and second week of school.. There are a lot of activities planned around campus.. I encourage you guys to go and enjoy them.. This is a good opportunity to have a good time with friends and meet new people...

During these two weeks you can enjoy a Casino night, BBQ, Dodge ball tournament, bowling, outdoor movie and much more... I would probably go to the Outdoor movie.. I remember my friends and I went together last year and we had a good time, I didn't like the movie at all but it was fun to lay down on the grass and enjoy the night.. This year's movie is much better than last years so I'm pretty sure I will have a good time. They are playing Iron Man 2...

Since all my classes are at night I will be going to most of these activities... I really like the fact that UML prepares all these activities because it makes the transition from vacation to school  less hard to students .. ;)
You can find all the activities going on campus here:

I just wanted to share this with you guys so you can start getting ready for school.. Take advantage of all these activities once you get back.. See you next week!!!

Thanks for reading!

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