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Hi guys, 

I was reading online and this article is on the first page of This tittle called my attention and I thought it would be very nice to share it with you guys. This article talks about the top ten paid jobs for a recent undergrad student and how much they are expected to grow in the next 8 years. Here's the link: 

I wanted to post this link to motivate you guys now that we have a week to start school again. Sometime College can be a little overwhelming but it really pays off. 

Remember that move-in day is Saturday for Freshmen and Sunday for the rest of students and the first day of classes is Wednesday. I will be back in a week to tell you how was move-in day... Be ready because is going to be 90 degrees out!

See you next week!

Hi guys, 

I hope everything is going well.. So here we are, only two weeks before we start school again... I've been getting some emails about all the activities going on campus during the first and second week of school.. There are a lot of activities planned around campus.. I encourage you guys to go and enjoy them.. This is a good opportunity to have a good time with friends and meet new people...

During these two weeks you can enjoy a Casino night, BBQ, Dodge ball tournament, bowling, outdoor movie and much more... I would probably go to the Outdoor movie.. I remember my friends and I went together last year and we had a good time, I didn't like the movie at all but it was fun to lay down on the grass and enjoy the night.. This year's movie is much better than last years so I'm pretty sure I will have a good time. They are playing Iron Man 2...

Since all my classes are at night I will be going to most of these activities... I really like the fact that UML prepares all these activities because it makes the transition from vacation to school  less hard to students .. ;)
You can find all the activities going on campus here:

I just wanted to share this with you guys so you can start getting ready for school.. Take advantage of all these activities once you get back.. See you next week!!!

Thanks for reading!
Hi guys, 

        I'm enjoying my last weeks of vacation trying to make these days long but instead they are flying by... We are getting closer to the beginning of a new school year and we need to get ready for it.. That's why I starting looking at my class schedule and finances as well. I realized that all the financial aid I got this year was only loans (subsidized and unsubsidized). What??? There are no grants for grad school? That was a shocker.. specially for me since most of the financial aid I received during my undergrad career came from grants... Grad school is more expensive that what I imagined. My debt is going to multiply by 3 after I finish my master's degree. 

         After going through ISIS for like an hour I realized that I won't be in much debt thanks for the TA/RA position I will get starting on September. I know you guys may be wondering what this is and how is going to help me so here it is: An RA/TA position is a research assistantship I will be getting from my Professor to finish my master's degree with a thesis option. I'm not sure how much it's going to be but I'm sure it will be of a great help.

         I just wanted to share this with you guys because I wish I knew about the cost of going to grad school before, if it wasn't for this assistantship I could be in trouble to pay for school this year. I recommend you guys that if you ever have the opportunity to closely work with a professor, research team or project please do so. This is a great way to create a network and take advantage of the opportunities many of these offer. 

         Some of the things I recommend you guys to look into before getting ready to go back to school arethe deadlines for housing changes and classes as well... and Keep in mind these days just in case you need them.. Also, my final recommendation is that if you are kind of tight to buy books here is a great website where you can buy them : I used to buy my books here and they are pretty cheap. Sometimes I bought old editions to make it ever cheaper.  

        Thank you for reading.. have fun getting ready to go back to school.. I will be back next week...   ;)

Hi guys, 

I'm back from my trip... It's kind of sad to know that it's all over but I have the best memories... It was an unforgettable experience and I learned a lot along the way... Europe is a great place to visit, there's so much history behind it and every building has a story... The Eiffel Tower is beautiful... I'm hoping to be back soon, I still have plenty European places to visit... 

I'm so happy I had the chance to get to know different cultures and lifestyles.. I met very nice people, especially in Poland..  People there are very nice, fun and welcoming.. I had a great time spending time with them...

However, I agree that "The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway" because by just talking to people one can learn from them... I really enjoyed living in the United States because there's a variety of people here.. The US is a very diverse country, we can network with people from pretty much everywhere around the world.. I've got to know different cultures, traditions and lifestyles by living here... 

There's only couple of more weeks before the Fall semester starts.. I'm planning to enjoy the last days of summer to its fullest.. I recommend you guys to do the same before we start a new school year ...

Keep and enjoying your summer and remember to always SMILE ;)

See you next week!!!! 

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