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Hi guys,

As I promised on my previous blog I said I would keep you guys updated about my trip in Europe… so far I’ve had the best time of my life. I’ve been here for only 3 days and I’ve done a lot… I really love Europe… On Friday morning I landed in Brussels, Belgium. My boyfriend’s sister picked us up and later on that day we met up with my boyfriend’s friend who lives in Brussels..  At night we went to downtown, walked around the city, and had Belgium waffles… They’re yummy!!!!

This past weekend we spent it in Paris… What a lovely city.. My boyfriend and I couldn’t stop saying “WOW this is beautiful!”… We repeated “beautiful” over and over again… Paris is a very pretty city.. not only for the monuments but the streets and the architecture.. I enjoyed walking around and taking pictures… The best part of Paris is the Eiffel Tower.. It’s a beautiful structure and the view it’s priceless… I loved everything about Paris because it’s beautiful and the people are very nice!!! I’m looking forward to come back again and I hope it’d be soon… I’d loved to come here with my family next time… 

The culture in Europe is not that different than what I imagined… to me it’s a mixed culture… what I mean is that it’s like the American and the Colombian cultures in some ways.. or at least Europe has reminded me both cultures… I hope you guys understand what I mean…    ;)

Couple more days in Belgium and then I’m going to Poland! I’m looking forward to it but I  want these days to go very slowwwww!!! All I want to say is that I love this trip so far…


Anne said:

good job

sts said:

I came across your website and found here many interesting posts. I'm sure that i wil come back here soon !

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