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Hey guys, 

Sorry I've been kind of lost. I was very busy this week that I had no time to write my weekly entry. I started writing it on Thursday afternoon when I came back from the doctor but I never finished it because I was in pain and all I did was sleep until today. I thought I had saved my blog but I didn't so here I am writing from scratch. 

Last Thursday I has a surgery, I go my wisdom teeth removed and I have been on pain killers since then. Those pills made me so dizzy that I've been sleeping since then. Today I feel much better but still with some pain. All I've done since I woke up is watching TV. I really enjoy watching sports. I just watched the 2010 Wimbledon Singles Final match. Serena Williams won her fourth Wimbledon match.. Isn't that amazing? The US should be very proud to have such a great tennis player. She played a good game and she really deserved to win. Later on or tomorrow, I'm not really sure, the male Men's Final is going to happen. I know is going to be between Nadal and Berdych. I'm pretty sure that's going to be a great game as well. 

Also, I've been watching the World Cup;. Right now I'm watching the Argentina-Germany game. So far Germany had the lead.. let see who wins. I hope is a very exciting game like yesterday's game between Uruguay and Ghana. 

I hope you guys enjoy this weekend and 4th of July. I'll be back soon to give you more updates. Thank you for reading!

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