Hot, hot, hot


Hi guys,

Here I am again.. It hasn't been too long since I wrote my last blog.. I just want to share what I did over the weekend... This is the first 4th of July I didn't go to Boston to see the fireworks.. Instead, I spent time with my family and we went to a BBQ in ours neighbor's house who kindly invited us for lunch to spent the afternoon with her.. It was a nice afternnon and it was very nice to share it with one of our neighbors. After the dinner I went to my boyfriend's family's house and jumped in the pool. Yesterday I did the same since it was very hot out... Jumping in the pool is a great way to cool down with the weather we had in the past two days.. now I'm really feeling the summer...

I will try to keep enjoing this weather over the week and I hope we have the same weather over the weekend sinde it's the World Cup Final.

I hope you guys too enjoy the rest of the week... I'll be back soon  ;-)

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